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Full Disclosure

We're all about honesty, integrity and transparency.  We're not paid for our editorial content, nor are we employed by any of the companies we write about. We have a true passion for what we do and find satisfaction in sharing things we genuinely think are great and products we like or absolutely love. In the beginning, most of the products we featured were ones we purchased ourselves, and while we still do that on occasion, the majority of the products reviewed currently are ones we receive from companies who want us to try their product(s). We do not write about everything we receive and test out. 

Our focus is to highlight good companies and products and edit out the greenwash -not give more time and energy to those that don't deserve it, though we are completely honest about our findings. Only companies, products and services that are a good fit for Fig+Sage™ are promoted and that determination is at our sole discretion.

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