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"We're about advocating conscious
and stylish consumerism and that means
editing out greenwash one truly organic review
and fresh healthy find at a time."



Who created fig+sage and why?

Fig+Sage™ was born in February 2008 when two California-born sisters couldn't find the type of blog they wanted to read.  So they created it. They were enemies growing up but later became allies and great friends. People often ask if they are twins.  Stancie, the older sister has three furry children and a full-time career in telecommunications. Erin, the younger and taller one, works part time in a pediatric dental office and full time as a mama of three.  Neither are hippies, treehuggers, perfectionists or purists.  They're real-life women who gravitate towards high quality goods, clean aesthetic, and things that live up to hype.  They like sharing their finds with others.  Fig+Sage was created as an honest resource for consumers to find modern, healthy, effective, stylish products.  It's a place to discover transparent opinions and straightforward facts of experiences and products put to the test by highly discerning, real women with a desire for conscious consumption, who try to stay informed and make good decisions with the knowledge, resources and funds available to them.

 What does fig+sage mean?

The Fig represents femininity and fertility and for centuries Sage has been used to cleanse and beautify. 

So is it Fig AND Sage or Fig PLUS Sage? 

The plus sign signifies the word "and", not "plus". We just think its a much cooler way to write "and".

fig+sage standards

We Do:  

1). We do research.  We make every attempt, to the best of our ability, to find as much out about a product as possible, including, but not limited to tracking down ingredient lists, studying each ingredient in a product to ensure it meets our stringent standards, contacting certification agencies to verify claims, asking hard questions of manufacturers, asking for proof of their claims, discussing products, practices and ingredients with other trusted industry leaders and advisers.  There is plenty of greenwashing going on out there and our goal is that Fig+Sage is a place you can trust, because we have taken some  most of the guesswork out of it for you. 

2). We do use and test products ourselves before sharing our review with you. We do not review every product we test, only those we like and those that meet our stringent criteria.

3). We do realize there are no regulating standards for the personal care industry in the U.S. and believe consumers should make informed decisions when buying, by reading labels and asking questions, rather than relying on standards believed to exist, but do not.

4). We do believe what goes on (skin/body care) goes in (is absorbed into our bloodstream) and what goes in (food) is usually reflected on the outside (of our bodies).

5). We do love it when a product has good ingredients, works and looks good!

We Don't:   

1). We don't believe all (so called) "natural" or "organic" products are created equal and we don't believe that just because it's organic means it's healthy (hello, organic poptarts).

2). We don't believe natural and organic are the same thing.  Think of the produce section of your grocery store - conventionally grown produce is sprayed with pesticides, organically grown produce is not (hopefully).  This applies to more than produce.  If someone claims it's natural - don't automatically assume it's grown without pesticides.   

3). We don't think it's honest or fair when a company slaps the word "organic" or "natural" on its product and only includes a minuscule amount of it or none at all. We call that greenwashing. 
4). We don't tolerate any brand that misleads consumers or their retailers (even if we happened to like their product), claims their products are certified "natural" or "organic" when they have never been certified. This has happened to us personally twice now (1, 2) so be assured that if we have been lied to by a brand and we find out about it after we write about their product(s), we will most definitely post a follow-up article stating how the brand mislead us and/or other consumers.  We don't put up with dishonesty and you shouldn't either. 
5). We don't necessarily support an entire product line or brand just because we feature one product. Some brands have both products that meet our criteria and some do not, but we don't let "one bad apple spoil the bunch" so to speak. If we're in support of the entire product line up or brand, we'll state it specifically.

***As of January 1, 2013, Fig+Sage has retired. Click here to read more.*** 

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