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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen...

Dearest Readers,

This post has been a long time coming. While we have enjoyed contributing to this community of like-minds for almost five years and will always appreciate all of your support, the time has come to turn the page and begin a new chapter.

On March 27, 2008 we published our very first blog post after spending a total of $25 to get our site up and running.  As two sisters with a mutual love of all things natural we decided to create a space to easily share our favorite products with our friends and family. We had no idea if anyone would ever read our posts other than us. It began as just a fun hobby for two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the country. We were thrilled when our readership grew from 5 to 500 to 5000 and on and on. We are still amazed at what it became.

This year has been full of changes, difficulties, breakthroughs, challenges and triumphs. We will be forever grateful to the blogosphere for the freedom to write what we wanted and to all of you for continuing to read whatever was on our mind. We are flattered that many of you considered us experts but you should know that we are just two women who happen to like the more natural things in life who crave information and honesty and who wanted to create something that didn't exist. We always aimed to keep it real and hope you found that here.

An important lesson we have learned over the years in building an online community is that it is especially important to be conscious of being present. In other words, be where you are. It's very easy to escape into an online world. Don't miss the opportunity to live in the here and now. Don't forget what truly matters. For us, this proved to be difficult while spending so many hours online as it can be for many others. This year has been full of lessons and one that rang loud and clear is that it is essential to disconnect from devices and re-connect with people and nature in an analog way.  

We wish to extend a very warm thank you to all the companies who sent us products to put to the test, to the retailers who sponsored us and/or sought our opinion on what they should carry in their stores and to our readers who continue to return here and value our perspective.

Erin remains very busy raising three adorable littles while starting her own, all-natural (obviously) candle company. You can keep up with her on Instagram @poppyjanecandleco and at her website 

Stancie is taking on the challenging task of renovating a 1930s house into the home of her dreams. You can keep tabs on her favorite products, home ideas, healthy recipes, wellness tips and more over on Pinterest.

As we begin a new year we look forward to fresh starts, new adventures, renewed perspectives and wish you the same. Have a wonderful and meaningful 2013!



Photo credit: Fig+Sage. 

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