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Review :: BurnOut Ocean Tested SPF 30 And Eco-Sensitive SPF 32 Lotion And Lip Balm

Awhile back one of our readers commented that her favorite SPF lip balm was from BurnOut and at the time we had never heard of it.  So I perused their website to learn what they were all about and bought 2 tubes of lotion and two tubes of lip balm.  Turns out the founder of BurnOut, Kevin Dunn, is an Environmental Scientist and surfer from Santa Cruz, California who was tired of coming up short when it came to sunscreen.  So he moved to Hawaii and developed his own.  His story gave me some confidence because if anyone could truly put a sunscreen to the test - it would be a surfer who spends a lot of time in sun and water.

After a one week test, including ziplining through the rainforest and surfing in Costa Rica, I can confidently attest that BurnOut sunscreen works very well in and out of water and on a very sweaty body. I took both Water Resistant Ocean Tested SPF 30 and Eco-Sensitive SPF 32 versions with me and they were the only thing I used on my body for sunblock other than Keys SolarRx Moisturizer SPF 30 which I used on my face and also love.  BurnOut has a perfect consistency, comes out of the tube white but turns clear after massaging in.  It's in no way greasy or chalky looking and I'm very impressed with its performance.  There is really no distinct scent which I appreciate because some sunscreens with a natural aroma can attract insects (specifically bees - not fun).

Have you ever had a sunburn on your lips?  Not fun either.  I also purchased BurnOut Essential Oil of Orange SFP lip balm and Natural Juicy Mango SPF lip balm and they also work great.  I can taste the zinc mixed with the fruity but like their sunscreen lotions - these also go on clear.

Both the BurnOut sunscreen lotions and lip balms are a new favorite for me and I highly recommend you get your hands on them this summer!!

Psst...they also have a Kids SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, but we haven't tried it yet.  

What's your favorite natural sunscreen?   


Images: Fig+Sage

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