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How To Enjoy Organic Wheatgrass Benefits If You Don't Have Time Or Desire To Grow It

A few weeks back I attended Green Festival in Chicago and wrote a post about some cool companies and products I found there but decided my favorite deserved it's own post. One of the first booths I visited was a cool company called Amazing Grass and I bought a tub of their Organic Wheatgrass after speaking with their helpful and knowledgable staff.  I know how amazing wheatgrass is for the body and used to consume shots of the stuff back when I lived near a Jamba Juice but those days are gone and honestly I just don't have the time or desire to grow my own. But I still want the benefits.  Conundrum.  That is until I found a convenient way to consume it a la whole leaf, ground and dried wheatgrass; and it's certified organic to boot.  Now I don't need to be in close proximity to a juicer to reap wheatgrass benefits. 

I've been sipping chugging the stuff for about a month now and wow - what a jolt of energy it provides!  During the first three weeks of consuming it I quit drinking coffee cold turkey and you know what?  I didn't even notice a difference.  Just great, non-jittery energy and no withdrawl headaches.  Nice.  Plus, I felt like I was cleansing my body instead of taxing my kidneys with consistent coffee consumption.  Another plus is that I didn't feel the need for food until later in the morning as opposed to being hungry right after waking.   

Single serving wheatgrass packets are great for travel!

I drink this with water only but it can be easily added to a smoothie or juice.  I'm not gonna lie - if you have never consumed wheatgrass, be aware that it tastes like freshly mowed grass.  Not that I've eaten freshly mowed grass but it is what I imagine it would taste like if I did.  You aren't drinking this stuff because it taste like the most delicious beverage on the planet - you're doing it because it's good for your body, may just make you feel amazing and could very likely improve your skin.  Mask it with something fruity if you'd like or just chug it quickly.  Alternatively, if that's too hardcore, you could snag their Green Superfood Orange Dreamsicle which is what I had a sample of at Green Fest and it tasted great.  That's the one my friend bought.  I'm looking forward to trying out their Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion and Green SuperFood Raw Reserve next.  The ingredients look wonderful! 

Todd Habermehl and Brandon Bert, Amazing Grass founders

During a recent layover in Houston I snagged the June issue of Whole Living Magazine and was pleasantly surprised to spot the founders of Amazing Grass on page 36.  I enjoyed their story of how they left very successful telecommunication careers in Silicon Valley to pursue pushing green stuff to the masses despite their friends and colleagues calling them crazy.  All their grasses are grown on  Bert's family farm in central Kansas.  His grandfather is a second-generation cereal grass farmer. 

Have you tried wheatgrass?  Would love to know what your experience has been!  


Images: Fig+Sage (1, 2, 3), Whole Living Magazine (4)

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