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Review :: Lina Hanson's Global Face Serum For All Skin Types

It seemed apropo to take a global face serum, well, global.  I was only allowed to take 27 pounds with me so I consolidated and streamlined.  I filled a small, dark brown glass vial with Lina Hanson's face serum before I left and it was the only thing I used on my face while in Costa Rica last week other than soap.  It was hot and humid in the rainforest and this golden oil worked very well as it's very multi-purpose.  Other times my skin would feel dried out from the ocean salt water or air conditioning.  This oil helped maintain balance and though I'm sure weather and adventures had a lot to do with it, my skin seemed to glow the entire time.  My skin also seemed to have a new found clarity which was great since I was committed to being makeup-free the majority of the time.

This bottle is packed to the brim of fantastic, high quality seed and nut oils from baobab, argan, marula, camellia, pumpkin and more. The aroma is subtle and exotic with distinct notes of mandarin and ylang ylang grounded with hints of frankincense and palmarosa.  

Author of Eco-Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide To Natural Beauty and Wellness, and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lina Hanson knows a thing or two about beauty.  She set out to create a multi-purpose oil without cutting any purity or efficacy corners and has done just that.  This is a beautiful oil for all skin types that will vastly simplify your beauty routine.

“It is amazing, sincerely amazing and I am not the type of person that has “products.” Congrats on creating such an awesome and ethical product.”
Ellen Page, Actress

“Unbelievable! I just completed a three week trip with UNICEF through India, Nepal and Congo. I used the serum almost every night and though the trip has been extreme with sun, heat, dirt and lack of washing it has kept my skin in great shape. I love it. I will be ordering more.”

Ewan McGregor, Actor

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Images: Fig+Sage

Disclosure: Lina Hanson sent us the products mentioned above for the purpose of an honest and candid review. We don't write about everything we are sent, only products we believe are worthy of a review. To learn more, click here.

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