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Fresh Finds :: Friday Link Love + Some News

We've never done one of these Friday link round-ups (that I can remember) but I usually enjoy them when other blogs do them. It's an easy way to find more great info.  These are a bit random, but here we go...

+ Love & Lemons makes a totally healthy gluten-free pizza crust from cauliflower?!  Must. try. this.  (This is now my new favorite favorite food blog crush thanks to Green Kitchen Stories)

+ Author of Stop Saying You're Fine, Mel Gibbins interview with Wish Radio is sans sugar-coating and full of wisdom. Have a listen if you feel stuck or dissatisfied (and can handle a little swearing).

+ Elena Lipson, The EcoDiva, has a new-ish Facebook page called What's In Your Green Smoothie? that I just discovered. Great place if you're looking for quick+delish+healthy recipes and raw inspiration.

+ HopeMob is one of my new favorite movements. "Where Generous Strangers Unite."

+ The new issue of Rue is out today!

+ Vegetarian chef and holistic nutritionist, Sarah Britton of My New Roots shares the three easiest ways to improve health without taking a trip to the health food store

+ The grass is always greener where you water it

+ The Conversation is my new favorite show.  

+ The Holy Kale shares the pros and cons of being on The Pill

+ SeaSnax are my new favorite snack.  So addicting.

+ Andie tells Green Smoothie Girl how she eliminated breast cancer with diet and alternative treatment.

+ A bunch of design blogs got together this week and shared Things I'm Afraid To Tell You.  A breath of fresh air. 

+ Just bought Tracy Anderson's new mini-trampoline DVD.  The one that came with my ReboundAir is oh-so-eighties. 

+ An awesome guacamole recipe

+ + + + +

Also, two things that are happening with us:

One of us is leaving for Costa Rica in a few weeks for a week-long adventure and the other one of us is having another baby (#3) in September!! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo weekend to all of you lovelies! 

p.s. would you like to see more Friday Link round-ups here?

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