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Loving :: Savane Organic Skincare Line From South Africa Certified By EcoCert

What do you get when you combine a Harvard grad, anthropologist focused on rural development and women's health and a conservationist with an extensive career in agriculture who is also an international rhino nutrition expert?  You get Jennifer Peters and Stephan Helary who, after questioning their careers had an Aha! moment with the discovery of marula oil and spent four years with a leading organic cosmetic chemist to develop and perfect their Savane Organic Skincare line.  Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, this duo has fused ancient botanical wisdom, fair trade principles and modern plant chemistry to create a wonderfully simple, highly effective, certified organic skincare range using highly beneficial indigenous South African plants. 

“It wasn’t that we didn’t like the work we were doing, but we both were, individually, coming to a point where we began questioning what we were doing." - Jennifer Peters

"We still wanted to continue to do something that would help the rural communities and the environment, but we were looking for something more practical, more sustainable and more fulfilling.” -
Stephan Helary {via}

Q: How do I pronounce Savane and what does it mean?

A: Sa-von.  Short for Savannah, as in the African Savannah where many ingredients used in the line are sourced from. 


Savane Certified Organic Soothing Cleanser

A lightweight translucent brown gel that produces a mild foam, leaves skin hydrated, rinses off well, removes makeup and smells very fresh and clean.  Great for all skin types and it's ultra gentle.  A really great Spring/Summer cleanser.  I used this up in 1.5 months.

Savane Certified Organic Gentle Exfoliant

Removes dead, dry skin cells courtesy of sugar, rooibos flakes and marula oil.  Unlike many exfoliants this one doesn't leave tiny bits in my hair after rinsing which of course I like and it isn't harsh at all though with a scrub you always want to massage in very gently.  You only need a little bit (dime size) and be sure to apply to damp skin.  I use this in the shower at night and the result is very soft skin that is perfectly prepped for moisturizer.  This was featured in Summer Beauty Guide.  I used this 1-2 times a week for a month and I still have plenty of it. If I had to guess this will last 1.5-2 months.

Savane Certified Organic Purified Toner

There are a lot of toners out there that feel like and often look like nothing more than water.  This isn't one of them.  As with much of the line, this product is brown in color and smells great.  Rooibos, rose geranium and frankincense are the dominant notes.  This isn't a girly nor masculine scent in my opinion, it's botanical, neutral and highly pleasing to my senses.  This lasted 1 month for me.

Savane Certified Organic Anti-Aging Lift Serum

I enjoy the fresh aroma and cool feel of this. This isn't an oily serum but feels thin and water-based. You'll still need to use a facial oil or moisturizer on top of it because it's purpose isn't to provide hydration.  My skin does feel noticeable softer and smooth when I use it but I didn't experience the feeling or appearance of a lift per se.  I would have probably named this a "smoothing serum" rather than a "lifting" one. This will likely last 1-2 months. 

Savane Certified Organic Balancing Face Oil

A gorgeous blend of uncommon yet superstar ingredients such as marula oil, manketti seed oil, and kalahari melon seed oil.  Highly nourishing and packed full of skin-pampering antioxidants, this product has such a silky slip that it's reminiscent of a silicone-based facial oil, which is one reason I love about naturals - that equivalent replacements of conventional skincare are out there, you just have to know where to look. I love this smooth oil and I think you will too.  Sometimes I combine this with the Protective Moisturizer to pack an extra moisturizing punch (especially at night). Wonderful aroma as well.  This will last approximately 2 months.

Savane Certified Organic Protective Moisturizer

This is an awesome moisturizer! Truly.  The texture of this expertly crafted emulsion is perfect - it absorbs beautifully, it's packed with antioxidants, hydrates my dry skin like nobody's business and every time I apply it I breathe in deeply because I adore the smell of it.  Rose geranium is the dominant aroma though I wouldn't categorize this as a floral aroma but very fresh and clean smelling.  And don't let the rose cause you to think a man wouldn't use it because this is my husband's moisturizer of choice right now.  He discovered it in the bathroom without my suggestion and has informed me he loves it too.  He's in the process of growing a beard and says this helps eliminate itchy face syndrome during that process.  And believe me, he has tried many products; he is after all married to me and a barber so he knows a thing or two about product.  It is indeed protective as it feels as though a non-greasy barrier protects skin from the elements, irritation and dryness. The only thing I wish was different is that the pump would dispense half of what it does, because as is - it dispenses too much so I have to be careful not to press down on the pump too much.  That's minor though - this is a wonderful product!

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What I love about the line is that it's so versatile.  It's designed for all skin types, the packaging and aroma are completely gender neutral and aluminum packaging make it super lightweight which is great for travel.  Each ingredient has been selected for it's specific benefit to the skin including rooibos which calms the skin and several wonderful botanical oil to target dryness, balance and protect skin.  Savane has really outdone themselves.  Taking four years to perfect the formulas seem to be the right choice.  I highly recommend it!  You can sample the whole line with this $25 Sample Kit here and figure out what you like before you splurge on full sizes.

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Learn: More About Savane Organic Skincare here 

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