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Loving:: Lotus Wei Flower Essence Elixir, Mist + Perfume

You know those products that lift your spirits?  The ones that you want to carry around with you in your bag so they're close at hand? The ones you hope never run out of or that they never stop making them? I’m sure you have some of these.  Lately, Lotus Wei Flower Essences fit into this category for me.   Back in February, they kept me sane and in March they made me breathe deeper, took the edge off, during what was a pretty stressful month.  

Though flower remedies have been around since the 1930s, Lotus Wei has put a fresh, modern spin on them.  British physician, Dr. Edward Bach discovered the positive benefits of flower essences years ago for the purpose of addressing emotional and mental aspects of wellness. According to Katie Hess, Lotus Wei founder, every flower on earth has a specific benefit to our wellbeing.  To learn more, check out this Q&A page that provides a wealth of information about flower essences.

While I may not explicitly understand the ins and outs of flower essences, I've experiened their positive effects.  My mom first introduced me to flower essences over a decade ago and was taking them well before I ever did.  When my grandma was dying of pancreatic cancer her six children were caring for her in her home the months before she passed and several of them were consistently taking flower essences for stress, exhaustion and grief.  I don't think they really understood exactly what flower essences were back then (and maybe not even now) but they knew they worked and were an effective option for them since they didn't prefer to go the pharmaceutical route.   I’ve taken  them to calm nerves before interviews and big presentations and even given them to my dogs before a trip to the vet to calm their anxiousness.

I had the opportunity to chat with Lotus Wei founder, soft-spoken and sweet Katie Hess, and she asked questions about my career, stress level, how long I spend in front of a computer, etc.  Toward the end of our chat she asked me to go to her site and from the "Pick A Flower" page asked that I chose three flowers that I was visually drawn to.  She told me what each one meant and all of them had a common theme, each one pointing towards me needed some Inner Peace.  I wasn't surprised but very intrigued at the correlation between what images I was drawn to and what I needed.  Based on our chat she picked products she felt would be a good fit for me and I think she was spot on.  Katie sent me the following products to put to the test: 

Lotus Wei Flower Essence Review:

Inner Peace flower Elixir:

For me, this is an absolute must have.  It tastes like nectar, tastes the edge off, seems to help my shoulders relax and slows my breathing.  I used the bottled up in 1.5 months but I purposely rationed it.  I could have very easily used it up much sooner.  This is for stress and anxiety.  Relief begins to kick in for me within just a few minutes.  On particularly tough days there were times I considered knocking back the whole bottle like a shot but I contained myself.  Instead, I just added a few more drops than directed on the bottle.  It definitely helped.  I love this stuff.  I can't wait to try the rest of the Inner Peace products.  Note: If you are familiar with Bach's Rescue Remedy, Inner Peace is Lotus Wei's equivalent. 

Joy Juice Perfume:

Can’t think of a better name for this.  It’s reminiscent of fruity candy and just a whiff of it makes me feel lighter.  Notes of sweet citrus are dominant.  Honestly, I want all the products in the “Joy Juice” category.  I went through this bottle very quickly (it’s a pretty small bottle), in about 3 weeks and when it ran out I still kept the bottle so I could unscrew the lid and breathe in the leftover vapors.  I realize this might make me look like a weirdo so I do it discretely in public.  I more consider this a personal perfume than one others will smell.  I used it because I loved the scent and wanted easy access to sniff it on my wrists, not because I wanted other to smell me.  Note: this is not a long-lasting perfume and needs to be re-applied 2-3 times per day or as desired.

Most often sprayed by me while at my desk, above and around my head followed by me raising my head and taking a slow, deep breath.  Usually used before long conference calls.  Almost always used in conjuction with the first two mentioned, they create quite the relaxing combo.  It usually happened it that order as well: elixir, joy juice perfume spritz on wrist (long sniff) and then about 5-6 pumps of the spray mist.  In less than a minute, I began to feel a weight lifted.  This has a fresh, clean, invigorating lemon lime aroma. 

Infinite Love Balancing Serum:

A feel good aroma. Mandarin and rose are the aromas that jump out at me.  This is great as a massage oil as it doesn't absorb into the skin right away, which is also why I don't prefer it for my face.  I would like to try it in the Mist next time.  I found this serum to be too sticky for my face so I used it as an after shower body oil at night which worked out well.  It’s thick and hydrating.   The aroma is warming and slightly sweet. 

Have you ever used flower essences?  Would love to know what your experience has been!

Images: ABC Home, Lotus Wei

Disclosure: Lotus Wei sent us the products mentioned above for the purpose of an honest and candid review. We don't write about everything we are sent, only products we believe are worthy of a review.  To learn more, click here

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