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Fresh Find :: Forks Over Knives - The Movie

My friend who is an Registered Dietician and works in the geriatric ward of a local hospital, recommended I watch this movie and let me borrow it.  A couple weeks ago I finally sat down and did just that.  WOW.  If you've read The China Study, soon after you begin watching you'll notice some similarities and discover just as I did that the author of that book is one of the doctors who is interviewed in this documentary. 

Some highlights:

*The United States spends 2.2 trillion dollars on healthcare yet we are the most ill country in the world. (Read that again)

*"What we discovered is that animal protein is really good at turning cancer on."

*"A Harvard researcher discovered that the higher the dairy consumption, the higher the rate of osteoporosis, the exact opposite of what the dairy industry wants us to believe."

*Our endothelial wall is destroyed by a processed, animal-based diet, but can be repaired and reversed with a plant based diet.

This is a powerful film that could very likely change the way you view the food on your plate forever.  If you're one of many who wonders why the U.S., with all our technological advances, has the highest rate of cancers, heart disease and obesity in the world - this film is a must watch.  I loved it and highly recommend it. 

Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?


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