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Review :: Ursa Major 3-In-1 Fantastic Face Wash For Body And Hair Too

Ursa Major, the masculine skincare brand for the rugged to the refined, has managed to create a completely unisex product that works so well both my man and I share it. The Fantastic Face Wash is more than a face wash and with the size of this container (8 oz) you can definitely use it for much more. I use it to shave with (as a stand in when I'm out of their shave cream), as a body wash and much to my surprise, shampoo.  One night as I was in the shower, much to my shagrin, I had completely run out of shampoo. Boo. I looked around the bottles of plenty and decided which one was going to serve this purpose. I looked at the Ursa Major Face Wash and thought, hey why not? So I did. I expected it to tangle my hair and be a nightmare to foam up and rinse out but I kept waiting and waiting for the fall out because it was actually working well.  And then I thought maybe it was a fluke so I kept using it for a few days afterwards and still - same result. It was sufficiently cleaning my hair. My long, thick, wavy hair. And it didn't weigh it down or frizz it up either.  I know this isn't marketed as a shampoo and I'm making no promises as to what it will do in or for your hair but I'm officially calling it a multi-use, gender neutral product because that's what it is in this household.  I'm thinking this is a great thing to pack when traveling so as not to bog down bags with too many bottles.

In terms of it as a face wash, this rinses clean and though it foams it doesn't dry out my already dry skin.    It's a translucent light brown liquid gel that is very gentle and I imagine would be good for most skin types.  The subtle scent is a cross between green tea and spearmint and reminds me very much of the aroma of Tazo's Zen tea, if you're familiar. 

This bottle will last a quite awhile if just used as a face wash, I'm guessing around 4-5 months, so the pricetag for the size is well worth it.  If you've been wanting to introduce your guy to a more natural skincare regimen definitely have him give Ursa Major a try.

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