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Supporting Fair Trade AND Organic Chocolate This Valentines Day + Everyday

Let's not pretend that (most) organic chocolate truffles are healthy (except these ones) but if you were already planning on indulging or giving a sweet treat this Valentines Day, be mindful of the chocolate company you're supporting.  Vote with your dollars.  It matters.  Learn why here

Three years ago when Fig+Sage was in its infancy I wrote a piece about why buying fair trade chocolate matters. 

Little did I know I would catch the attention of the National Confectioners Association in Washington DC, who according to their website, have been "representing the candy, chocolate & gum industries since 1884". 

They didn't agree with, or rather didn't like that I was publicizing information about the majority of chocolate farming practices.  I asked Tom Neuhaus, President of Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates and Project Hope and Fairness, to respond and he did.  Check out the comments on this post and let me know what you think. 

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates is a cool company in our hometown that makes exquisite, mouthwatering chocolate candies with organic and certified fair trade ingredients and who are also helping make a difference in the lives of cocoa farmers and their families.  They supply chocolate to conscious chocolatiers like CocoaVino and Coco-Zen as well as make their own sweet treats. 

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