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New Favorite :: Announcing VERED Organic Botanicals Skincare + 8 Product Reviews

As an esthetician and herbalist for over two decades it's safe to say Vered Back knows skin.  She knows what works and what doesn't because she's seen it first hand and has quite a following of loyal clientele.  She's been creating targeted products for her clients in NYC for awhile but just launched her brand new skincare line, VERED Organic Botanicals. Can you say luxury organics in a bottle?!  This line is destined for high end retailers and chic boutiques.  Each product is created in small batches, each one infused with specific herbs for specific purposes before luxe glass bottles are filled with Vered's lovely recipes.

Vered sent her Introductory Kit to my parent's house so it would be there when I arrived there on Christmas Day.  I told her I was willing to try the products but let her know I was having a terrible bout of cystic acne (likely from stress, diet and possible hormonal imbalance) that wasn't common for me and my skin is also dry.  She didn't hesitate, but instead anxiously sent me her goods.  I opened the Kit on Christmas morning while still in my pajamas, right before we opened stockings and it was wrapped just like another one of the gifts.

The Intro Kit included an assortment of mini glass vials filled with skin and body oils and one small plastic container of facial scrub.   

Inside the pouch I discovered Le Chocolate Citrus Foaming Face Scrub, Herb-Infused Toner, Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil, Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment, Signature Scent Body Oil, Signature Scent Perfume*, Deep Citron Perfume*, Rosewood Neroli Body Oil and Muscle Soothe Body Oil.  (*not included in regular Intro Kit)

My sister and I opened the vials and held them up to each other's noses to smell.  There were many oooo's and mmmm's.  After we opened gifts I washed my face using the scrub, applied toner followed by the balancing oil on my breakouts and anti-aging oil on my cheeks, decollete and chest.  I put a little  Signature Scent Perfume on as well before I headed back downstairs to be with the fam.  We were on Christmas vacation for one week and by the time I got home I was already out of the scrub, toner and almost out of the balancing oil.

I let Vered know, told her that my skin was doing well but I still had the cystic acne areas and she sent full sizes of her Herb-Infused Toner, Therapeutic Balance Face Oil and a custom Facial Mask to mix at home (that hasn't been launched yet), along with specific instruction as to what to cut out of my diet and recommended supplements to help.  I loved this and have never had any skincare company recommend supplements for skin issues.  This told me that Vered gets it.  She knows that external imbalance means internal imbalance.  Her instructions:

"Good for every person in general and specifically when the hormones are off a bit from stress, lack of vitamins and a good diet:

·     Royal Maca 1-2 tsp per day normalize    hormones.

·     Herbal supplements to clean liver and intestinal cleaning are dandelion root, burdock root, milk thistle, artichoke leaves, red clover, goldenseal, licorice root, gentian and skullcap.  

·     The easiest way I would buy the herbs and make it as a tea twice a day. Mountain rose is a good place to get them.

·     Msm-with Vitamin C for absorption is a must 1000mg a day.

·     Probiotics try to find one that contains FOS, Prebiotics and soil-based organisms. (Garden of Life)

·     Best foods: avocado, mango’s, papaya, watercress, garlic, celery, olives, brazil nuts (not more than 6 a day) pumpkin seeds, and all berries. 

·     Stop all dairy products.

·     Very little meat, and a lot of greens. 

·     No alcohol, no white bread.

While I didn't do all of these things, I know that the drastic change in diet had much to do with the drastic change in my face.  I continued to use her products for the next month and this is my own personal experience with them:

8 VERED Organic Botanical Product Reviews:

With an aroma of thoroughly steeped tea, this dark brown herbal cocktail thoroughly cleans while both removing makeup, moisturizing and leaving skin's acid mantle in tact.  Lemongrass, chamomile, lavender and citrus are the dominant scents my nose picked out of the blend.  This did not dry out my skin in the least, quite the contrary.  This part of the regimen is one that shouldn't be skipped and when mixed with, a great way to ensure superior absorption of her facial oils. 

This avocado green facial oil is one of my favorite of the bunch and a must-have for those with blemished or troubled skin.  The aroma is entirely soothing and herbal, a perfect match to it's calming results.  Skin healing ingredients like calendula, lavender and echinacea are infused with gentle healing oils of jojoba and almond.  With consistent use and an improved diet, I'm convinced this was an integral part of the complete clearing of my cystic acne and residual scars and redness on the right side of my chin. I used this day and night consistently for over one month. 

A light gold, delicately scented, gorgeously hydrating facial oil exquisitely glides over dehydrated skin to provide a much needed dose of moisture and feels gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types.  Vered instructed me to use this on the area I wasn't breaking out since I reported mostly dry skin.  This provide lovely hydration and dewy results.  I apply to damp skin at night and there is absolutely no dry areas come morning. 

A teeny, tiny amount goes a very, very long way and soaks into damp skin to help swell crows feet and crevices so they aren't as noticeable.  This doesn't contain as many essential oils as the other facial oils do so it's ultra gentle, a necessity around eyes.  I like to swipe a bit over eye makeup and wipe away using a cotton square or washcloth and then apply another layer to freshly cleansed skin and this method worked quite nicely for me.  I'm guessing the full-size bottle will last around 6 months. 

This smells SO good.  Have you ever eaten piano keys, the candy?  They are my mom's favorite, especially at Christmas.  They are dark chocolate sticks filled with a super sweet orange candy. This scrub reminds me of it, only if piano keys were a bit perfumed.  This lightly foams and exfoliates courtesy of organic sugar granules that melt while gently sloughing off old and dry skin.   Note: not recommended for inflammed skin. 

Earthy and feminine, this aroma is grounded, sexy and comforting, entirely intoxicating.  Florals are expertly tempered with a warm and woodsy element. I used up the small vial of this before any other as I love the blend immensely.  No wonder this is Vered's "signature" scent and formerly secret aroma that her clients begged her to bottle!  *love*

VERED Organic Botanicals Deep Citron Perfume $89

Smoky and alluring, this scent is comforting, overtly floral and slightly  powdery perhaps due to the inclusion of vetiver.  This was the second fastest vial to be used up because I also gravitated towards the aroma again and again.  Vered's description perfectly captures the feeling of her distinct blend: "it feels like sipping cognac wrapped in a cashmere blanket in front of a fire". 

The same scent profile of the Signature Scent Perfume, though not as potent due to being tempered by the skin-pampering jojoba, primrose and almond oil quotient.  An entirely lovely way to end a pampering bath or quick shower.  One application and skin is infused with it's delicate scent and hydrating botanical oils.   

Have you ever been to Montana de Oro on the Central Coast of California?  When you enter the national park, eucalyptus quickly comes wafting through the windows or the car vents.  I'm instantly transported here upon opening this bottle.  I've been using this on the stress knots in my shoulders. With intensely healing and soothing herbs and invigorating aroma, this concoction helps pamper tired muscles and mind while seamlessly gliding over skin providing sufficient slick for massage. 

VERED Organic Botanicals Rosewood Neroli Body Oil $68

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So what's up with no cleanser?  How am I going to clean my face?  My thoughts exactly, so I asked Vered and she replied:

"Regarding: cleansing the face. The Herb-infused toner is doing a great job by cleaning and giving back nutrition to the skin. I’m not a fan of cleansers. They are usually too drying causing the opposite effect after a while...It is no problem using your cleansers* that you love. I know when you're used to that,  it's very hard to change."

*Note: At the time I was alternating between using Dr. Alkaitis cleanser and Spiezia Cleansing Balm.  It's going to be difficult for many to get over the fact that there's no traditional cleanser here though my skin didn't seem to suffer, in fact it improved.  Old habits are hard to break.  I agree with Vered that foaming cleansers can absolutely strip skin of moisture.  My experience is that dry types do well when they use a cream or balm cleanser.  On the other hand, not having to buy a cleanser and toner will save you some dough in the long run and your skin may thank you for it. 

We previously shared with you that Oil Is The New Lotion and this is no new revelation to veteran esthetician, Vered Back, as evidenced by her new skincare lineup; comprised mostly of pure, herbal, botanical oils expertly created to heal and pamper skin. If you are concerned about the naturalness of your eye cream or worried about preservatives in your skin care, this brand new line takes all the trouble of worrying about those things away. This lineup is both simple and exquisite, honest and high performing.  I truly recommend you check it out.  If you're not sure which products are for you, take the Introductory Kit for a spin first so you know which full-sizes to splurge on. 

Disclosure: VERED Organic Botanicals sent us the products mentioned in this review for the purpose of an honest and candid review.  We don't write about everything we try out, only those we feel deserve to be shared. 

Images: (1) VERED Organic Botanicals, (2-9) Fig+Sage

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