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Loving :: John Masters Organics Jojoba & Ginseng Exfoliating Face Cleanser {Review}

My guy doesn't outwardly show too much excitement very often.  If he likes something he'll say "it's okay" or "it's pretty good".  Things like "it's amazing!" or "I love this!" rarely cross his lips.  He says he reserves big statements for things that warrant it.  I like that he doesn't waste enthusiam on less than enthusiastic things. 

So you can imagine my shock when he came out of the bathroom one night a few weeks ago and said "the cleanser in the brown bottle is awesome".  I knew exactly what he was talking about but I wanted him to expound so I replied "which cleanser? what do you mean?"  He said "The one in the glass brown bottle with pump top.  I'd pay money for that. I like everything about doesn't dry my skin out, it smells nice, I like those little scrubby things in it and it doesn't leave a weird skin just feels soft and clean".  So just like that I knew he really, really loved it. 

But what do I think about it? I totally agree with his assessment.  I had been using it for about a week when he discovered it amongst all the other bottles in the shower.  Oftentimes he could care less about things that I really dig but this one was different.  That's why I thought his review would be more powerful than mine, because he's rarely excited about the products I'm testing out.  Last night as I began writing this review I told him I was writing about his beloved cleanser and asked if he had any final remarks and said "I love it and it might be one of my favorite things you've ever received to review...well in the top 5 anyway". 

It's much thinner than a cream type cleanser, it doesn't feel like a lotion.  It's a nice yellow color and doesn't foam but the teeny tiny jojoba beads provide exfoliation and they're very soft so they don't scratch or irritate the skin at all.  This is for all skin types but I have a feeling dry types will adore it.  My skin feels thoroughly clean when I wash with it but also hydrated. The only teeny tiny con (if I had to think of one) is that sometimes I find the itty bitty jojoba beads in my hair after my shower if I don't rinse well enough after shampooing/conditioning.  Hubs doesn't have that issue since he doesn't have nearly as much hair as I do.   

Four thumbs up for this one!!  Have you tried it? 
Find: John Masters Organics Jojoba & Ginseng Exfoliating Cleanser at Hip Apotheca for $28

Disclosure: Hip Apotheca sent us the product mentioned in this review.  We don't review or rave about everything we receive to test, just products we actually like or love.   

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