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Loving :: Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil & Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream {Review}

I announced the U.S. launch of New Zealand brand Antipodes back in September '08 {click here to read} but hadn't tried these two products until recently.  I'm so glad I did because my skin loves them. 

My oh my do I adore this Antipodes Divine Facial Oil. I can think of no better name for it.  It is divine indeed.  The aroma is amazing and addicting.  Coffee meets nutty meets ylang ylang.  Dry skin is a thing of the past with this and it doesn't leave me greasy .  Intensely hydrating organic plant oils of avocado and rosehip are infused with the enticing scents of jasmine, sandalwood and orange.  Pure pampering in a bottle without an ultra steep price tag.  I'd guess this bottle will last 2-3 months.  This is good for most skin types and I also noticed it balanced out my skin tone as well and helped reduce some redness.

The texture of Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Hydrating Cream is insanely creamy, the smell is comforting and the result is super hydrated skin.  A perfect combo of moisturizing avocado and macadamia oils mixed with healing manuka honey and kawakawa (medicinal New Zealand plant), results in dewy, soothed skin without being greasy.  The shocker for me is that although it contains highly beneficial (though usually stinky) manuka honey, I'm unable to smell the usual left-my-towels-in-the-washer-too-long-and-they-smell-a-bit-mildewed aroma that I typically get from it.  I can't even smell a hint of it which is awesome because I don't care how beneficial it is, if it smells like that I'm not putting it on my face.  No worries with this.  Kiss intensely dry skin buh-bye.  This should last at least 3 months, possibly 4-5.  This is for dry skin types and if you are someone who feels like no matter what you do or use your skin is dry, then definitely use both these products together.  Use the Divine Oil first and then layer this Day Cream over it.  I  doubt you will not have hydrated, moisturized, dewy skin.  This cream provides a protective barrier and does double duty as a fabulous eye cream as well.  Use sparingly as it's quite concentrated.

Though I am careful to wash my hands before I dip my digits into the dark brown glass jar, I do wish this came in a pump type container so I didn't have bacteria contamination in the back of my mind even though there are several preservatives in this due to the inclusion of water.  Just use something like a Q-tip to scoop the product out or make sure your hands are very clean before digging in.

Both these products feel great on skin, smell wonderful and I highly recommend them.  Have you tried either of them?

Find: Antipodes Divine Face Oil at Hip Apotheca $34 and Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream $48

Disclosure: Hip Apotheca sent us the product mentioned in this review.  We don't review or rave about everything we receive to test, just products we actually like or love.   

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