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Announcing The Best In Natural Beauty Awards :: Organic Lip Balm Winners

Whether it's the cold winter weather or Valentines Day just around the corner that has you thinking about lips, we've got you covered.  As self-professed lip balm addicts we've tried many balms over the years and we've determined the absolute best of the best from ultra-affordable to splurge-worthy.  This is our personal faves list.  If it's thin, greasy, doesn't-stay-on-long lip balm you're after, this isn't a list for you.  But, if you like intensely moisturizing lip balm that provides a protective barrier while it heal and hydrates, you'll want to put these eight balms on your radar or better yet, in your handbag stat.    

Best In Natural Beauty Organic Lip Balm Award Winners:

1. Pangea Organics Egyptian Fennel Grapefruit & Sweet Orange Lip Balm $15

This USDA Certified Organic balm tastes delish and comes in a larger than normal tube that covers lips in one sweep.  We have loved this for at least three years and it continues to be at the tip top of our faves. 

{Click here for our Pangea Organics lip balm review}

2. Perfect Organics Shea Butter Lip Balm $3.99

Every one of these three flavors is great and has an ultra emollient, creamy consistency.  Doubles as a nice skin cream, a perfect size to throw in your bag and can't beat that price either. 

{I posted my review of this balm on another blog I used to write for called "ShopGreen" which no longer exists, but been a fan of this balm for several years

3. Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick $13.95

Hands-down the most effective lip balm I've ever used in the dead of winter when temps are in the negatives and my lips constantly feel cracked and dry.  Not with this wonder balm.  Stays on for hours and really seals and heals. 

Yes, we're aware it contains lanolin which is why it works so well.  If you're vegan or have an aversion to it there are seven other great balms on this list that don't.  Click here if you want to know why Dr. H uses lanolin. 

{Click here for our Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick review}

4. Bubble & Bee Organic Peppermint Cocoa Lip Balm $3.99

The organic version of the beloved Burt's Bees lip balm.  Similar consistency and great minty flavor.  Love a minty lip and a can't-beat-it price point.  Also love the Root Beer version though I always want to lick it off, it's that good. 

{Click here to find Bubble & Bee lip balm in one of our gift guides}

5. Acure Organics Dark Chocolate & Mint Lip Balm $3.99

A truly tasty blend of chocolate and mint.  This highly affordable USDA Certified Organic lip balm works very well. 

{Click here to read our Acure Organics lip balm review}

6. BREW Wild Lip Balm by Skincando $15

Licorice lovers unite.  A tasty anise flavored balm that keeps smackers soft and supple with ultra hydrating ingredients. 

{Click here to read our Brew Organic Lip Balm review}

7. Sprout Wellness Lip Balm $5

A lovely lip-lovin' concoction available in both vegan and non-vegan (includes beeswax) versions.  All four flavors are fabulous.  This is one of my man's favorite lip balms because it doesn't have a high shine and wards off chapped lips like nobodies business. 

{Click here to read our Sprout Wellness Lip Balm review}

8. RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm $25

A powerful multi-tasker, this pot o' balm glides on lips smoothly and this will last a very, very long time (I believe I had mine for close to a year before it was gone, granted I rotate my balms).  Love that it's housed in glass - it's a gorgeous little jar and glass is my preference over plastic any day. 

{Click here to read our RMS Beauty launch annoucement here and here}

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What's your favorite organic lip balm??   

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