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Review :: Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum, Toning Mist and Facial Mask

It hardly seems like two plus years ago when I reviewed the majority of the Kahina Giving Beauty line.  Since then they've launched new products and I had the pleasure of putting a few to the test recently.  The beauty of Kahina Giving Beauty products is that they are for all skin types and they are all gentle enough for sensitive types as well. 

I'm not sure why the Kahina Eye Cream didn't do anything for me and this Eye Serum is my new favorite product.  The serum feels more penetrating to me.  Not sure why they have two eye products either but I am sure that this serum is one of my favorites. I noticed a considerable difference in the way the skin around and under my eyes look after just one use.  Some people's eye puff out when they get older and some sink in.  Mine have done the latter.  When I apply this it looks as if the skin under my eyes are puffed up and hydrated instead of sunken in and dry.  Same with crow's feet.  Overall, this provides a lovely dewiness to my entire eye area.  This isn't an oil but a thin milky-looking gel that isn't thick enough to pull eye skin while applying it.  I only need the tiniest amount as this spreads quite nicely so while the price may be steep, it will likely last somewhere around 3-4 months and well worth it.    

This isn't the kind of mask that is going to harden and make your skin feel ultra tight. This is a hydrating mask and is not meant to completely dry on your skin. It's very creamy with little bits in it which provides for gentle exfoliation when applying and removing. It feels very gentle and I didn't really feel it doing anything while it was on my face but the positives for me came after I removed it and feeling my buttery soft, hydrating skin.

You know how many facial toners feel just like water on skin? And you stop for a moment and wonder if you're just paying for mostly water?  Yeah, me too, and no this isn't like that.  Not at all.  This is one of the most unique toners I've used to date and my skin is so happy with it.  This is so much more than a toner to me.  This instantly hydrates and leaves my skin feeling like I applied a little moisturizer mixed with my toner.  I crave as much moisture as possible now that my skin has switched from a combo type in my twenties to a dry type in my thirties.  I'm also severely dry in the winter and when I travel and this has helped with both.  It also even out my skin tone which must be due in part to the inclusion of willow bark extract. I noticed that my pores looked smaller too.  It has a very subtle aloe vera and rose aroma (pure rosa damascena, not fake rose smell). The only downside to this is that I love it so much I wanted to spray it on my face many times a day and thus lasted me only a few weeks.  I should have rationed it but I couldn't help myself!  I would be a fan of them adding a larger size to the lineup, say, like a 4 ounce bottle.  This goes in my new favorite product category. 

Have you tried these products?  What did you think? 

Disclosure: O&N Collective sent us the products in this review for an honest and candid review.  We don't write about everything submitted for review, just those we feel are worthy of sharing with you. 

Images: Fig+Sage

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