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NEW Favorite :: Pit Potion 100% Natural Deodorant That Really Works!!

Imagine that.  A natural deodorant that works.  Yes, it exists, but rare. I'm fully aware that this little issue has a lot to do with personal body chemistry and what kinds of things I'm eating.  I have tried many a natural deo and most don't work.  So when I'm asked to use anything other than my favorite, I have big doubts that it will impress.   

Back in August I was asked to test drive Pit Potion before it launched, an all-natural deodorant and very first branded product from The Nature Of Beauty.  Sure, why not.  I'm game.  Even if that means I'll likely be stinky in public for awhile. 

As soon as that glass jar landed on my desk I hurried to the bathroom, washed and dried my pits, then eagerly applied the creamy, off-white Pit Potion with a sugar cookie dough consistency and delicate and pleasing aroma.  I waited.  It wasn't difficult to do a true test because we were smackdab in the middle of a hot, humid Midwest summer and there was no shortage of perspiring opportunities.   

Nothing. No stinkage.  And surprisingly, it seemed to be keeping pit moisture at bay.  After a few days, I began to think it was magic or coincidence.  I kept using it.  I wore tank tops.  I sweat in the hot sun.  I hugged people. Still, no odor and minimal wetness.  For a few weeks this went on before I asked for more.  And I used it for months after because it was that good.  Apparently, the others on the testing panel had the same experience.

The verdict is in: Pit Potion works, smells good and contains wonderful natural and organic ingredients.  The Nature Of Beauty hit their very first product out of the park.  I like that it's offered in a traditional push-up container if you're someone who doesn't like to stick your fingers in your pits (I don't mind), or you can get it in a glass jar if you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption/disposal.   

Find: Pit Potion by The Nature of Beauty $3.50-$14.00

Ingredients: Pure unrefined shea butter**, pure unrefined cocoa butter**, corn starch*, baking soda, kaolin clay, rice bran oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, glycerin, wheat germ oil, rosehip seed oil*, tea tree oil*, 100% organic essential oil blend*, and Vitamin E. *Certified Organic **Fair Trade

Have you found a natural deodorant that works for you?? 

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