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Guest Post :: Start The New Year With An Essential Oil Detox {By Aromatherapist Hope Gillerman}

I discovered H. Gillerman Organics three years ago right before the holidays (read that post here) and immediately fell in love with their essential oil blends, especially Sleep Remedy, which I no longer travel without (read that review here).  I'm a big believer in the healing power of pure essential oils and a huge fan of H. Gillerman Organics and of Hope Gillerman, the skilled Certified Aromatherapist behind the brand.  I've used many different essential oil brands and her blends are my favorite because they provide a noticeable effect and smell amazing.  Not only do I trust her knowledge and experience immensely, I adore her gentle yet specific advice.  I've even emailed her from my phone in bed with chills during a cold/flu and asked her for help and she responded right away, told me exactly what to use and what to do and the next morning I felt so much better.  When I meet her in person someday I'm giving her a big hug for helping me and others with her powerful remedies and warm spirit.  I also love her skincare line, H.G.O. LAB (read that review here). 

By: Hope Gillerman, H. Gillerman Organics Founder

With the arrival of the new year comes fresh beginnings, confirmed resolves, inspiration for exciting plans and a whole new dose of HOPE. So why is it such a hard time? The new year comes right after the end of the year! We end the prior year by cramming to finish up projects and then bang! we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays – trying to lift those tired cheeks into a smile and put on a happy face so we can enjoy the company of friends and relatives. To add to our stress, we are out of our routine, eating rich food and not exercising. Strange as this may sound, taking time off tells the immune system to take a break and sets you up for getting sick - not an optimal way to enter the peak of cold and flu season, when days are short and there is less Vitamin D pouring from the heavens to keep our spirits up.

No wonder, come January, we start the new year a little on the low side of our energy scale, or worse, feeling under the weather, depleted or stressed.
Now is the optimal time to move essential oils to the front of your medicine cabinet or chest of drawers . Here’s why:

Essential oils, acting as probiotics, are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-infectious – perfect for a depleted immune system - to ward off cold and flu.

Studies show essential oils can lower the level of cortisol – the stress hormone – just by inhalation alone. Inhalation is a powerful way to ingest essential oil particles since they are very quickly air-born as soon as you open the bottle. Once they have traveled into your lungs they move into your blood stream and interact with your hormone levels.

Essential oils can instantly shift your mood. With inhalation they travel quickly to the hypothalamus and affect the parasympathetic nervous system – to slow and calm our stress reactions and stabilize our moods.

Essential oils are naturally detoxifying as soon as they enter your body. EO particles enter your body and travel into your blood stream and soft tissues via your lungs (inhalation) and your skin (topical application). They are primarily eliminated via the kidneys, lungs and bowels as well as through the skin and sweat glands. Studies show that 4 hours after applying essential oils on the soles of the feet, they can be detected in urine. As powerful cleansers, EO’s purify the blood, help the body to excrete mucus and support liver, kidney and digestive function to help the body eliminate unwanted toxins. NOTE: to permit the body to detoxify you need to drink a glass of water after each application.

How can you use essential oils to optimize their detoxifying effect????

Whether you are doing a detox for a day, or for a week try this morning ritual:

Before or during your morning shower or before entering a bath, lightly scrub your body with a dry brush or wet loofah – your choice.

Apply an essential oil blend diluted in a nut or seed oil (like sesame or grapeseed oil) on your neck, shoulders, chest and step into…

THE SHOWER - inhale the steam in the shower as it carries the essential oil particles into your lungs. This turns your shower to an spa-at-home steam bath.

A BATH - for a 5-15 minute soak. You don’t have to take the day off to take a bath! A short bath is stimulating first thing in the morning. Long baths are relaxing for the end of the day. You will be pleased to know you can skip pouring oils directly into the bath where they float on the surface, leaving a ring of oil on your tub.

Once out of the shower or bath, apply a 1-2% dilution of essential oils in a botanical oil or mix into your favorite fragrance-free lotion (assuming you have eliminated lotions from your bathroom that contain preservatives, petro-chemicals and other known toxins). Cover your whole body with this body oil or lotion.

Follow with a detoxifying breakfast:

Hot water with lemon, ginger and a dash of cayenne (if you suffer from reflux, avoid the spicey drink and substitute camomille tea), steel cut oats, and fresh fruit.

The more you adjust your diet while you are doing an essential oil detox, the more results you will feel. Consider eliminating some of these food types for the day or for a week-long detox: sugar, coffee, alcohol, dairy, white grains, processed foods, and meat (except for a little hormone-free beef).

Always drink 4-8 oz of water after each application of an essential oil blend.

Optional: If you are doing a 1 week detox, apply a drop of a eucalyptus blend in each nostril 3-4 times a day to help clear the sinuses for the first three days. For a one-day detox: use the eucalyptus blend 4-5 times during the day and drink hot liquids to clear the sinuses. Opening your breathing passages brings in an endless source of energy and mental acuity!


1. Clear the way for more energy

2. Replenish your body’s resources for a stronger immune system

3. Instill calmer, clearer thoughts

4. Improve digestion, reduce fluid retention (you could see a weight loss)

5. Lesson inflammation

6. Promote deeper, more restful sleep

Some Essential Oils recommended for a Detox:

Carrot seed *•+

Cedarwood *•

Cypress *•

Eucaluptus *•∞

Fennel *

Geranium *•

Grapefruit * •

Helichrysum *•

Hyssop Decumbens ∞

Juniper Berry *

Lavender •

Lemon +•

Lemongrass *

Mandarin orange*


Pine •∞

Rosemary +∞


* for fluid retention

for lymphatic detox

+ for liver detox

for respiratory detox


To get the full benefit, EO’s work better when you compose or purchase a blend of essential oils. Using them one at a time is not as effective. A synergistic blend has a powerful effect on your mind and body.

H. Gillerman Organics Products Recommended for Detox:

Bounce Back Rejuvenation Kit

Sinus Remedy

Sleep Remedy

The Essential Oil Deck by Hope Gillerman and Joan Arnold for those who want to make their own blends.

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