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Guest Post :: Oil Is The New Lotion Plus 4 Face + Body Oil Recommendations

Even though big strides are being made toward embracing natural pure oils for skin rather than shuning it, it still seems to me like a great majority of American consumers still avoid oil for skin when we should be embracing it as they are wonderful for skin and can perform all kinds of miracles.  As a firm believer in oils for face and body, I was excited when I found Beauty Huile, a blog dedicated entirely to beauty oils, many of which I had never heard of or tried before, most of which are entirely natural!!  Hello. I'm so there.  And the women behing the blog that I recently connected with shares her fabulous recommendations below that I can't wait to try.  Have you tried any of them?  Do you use oils on your face or body?  What's been your experience? 

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By: Navdeep Mundi, Beauty Huile Founder

Essential, botanical, and carrier oils are one of the world’s oldest forms of beauty used religiously by the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks and Romans. In fact, their history dates back to 3,500 BC, where distillation methods were documented with a triumphant circularity. Whatever coast the oils were sold off to, whichever Royal Queen used them to ward of the signs of aging, whoever figured out their medicinal workings, the bottom line was that they worked & were in demand. So, how did we, dedicated beauty consumers, drop nature’s wonderments in favour of chemically laden creams for the face? When the brash marketers showed up with their hyperbolic pamphlets and sentimental calls for banishing the mere mention of mineral oil from everything – foundations, moisturizers, powders, and beauty wares in between.

See, mineral oil has been the beauty industry’s secret to cost-cutting efforts. Quite simply – it’s the cheap alternative to natural oils. Dr. Jeannette Graf, MD, a Long Island dermatologist, says, “’Oil-free’ dates back to a time when mineral oil was industrial grade and extremely thick, impure and clogging.” The result of producing petroleum grade based beauty products to the masses? Not only did the Environmental Working Group list mineral oil as a potential hazard due to its link to skin irritation, allergic reaction and cancer, but women also felt its occlusive wrath on skin.

But there was one mistake - marketers forgot about that old-school logic of simple science – strip the skin with drying cleansers and oil-free treatments? Skin reacts by producing more oil. Whether skin is normal, oily or dry, your body won’t be compelled to produce extra itself, but if you strip away the natural levels of oil, your skin will produce even more to compensate for what’s been taken away. And, this is why oils – ecofriendly, organic, skin-compliant ones - are the new lotion.

You know you’re spot on trend when a bevy of big beauty brands and smaller, artisanal ones have moved on from the stigma of oil-based anything are now manufacturing aromatherapized oil serums for the face, hair and skin to address just about every anti-aging concern. Huile-hating marketers bewarned: this year, more women are adding a bottle of a carefully crafted oil to their existing skin care regimes to help amp up moisture while plumping fine lines with nutrient rich vitamins and antioxidants. And, nothing else. No chemical offenders to get in the way of absorption, no synthetics to irritate sensitive skins, and no seasonally popular fad ingredients that overpromise and under deliver.

The basic premise? Just wholesome, nurturing oils elegantly peppered with soothing essences and extracts, and blended with cutting edge distillations, which mix effortlessly with the skins’ own sebum to penetrate more deeply than waxy lotions and creams. The latter more often than not simply sit atop skin. And, none of today’s near pharmaceutical-grade distilled oils will cause you to break out. Ever.

Benefits run wide and deep when using oils to prettify skin. Specially created oils will address acne, eczema, scars, rosacea, blackheads, cracked/dry/scaly skin, inflammations, fine lines, sensitivity, age spots, or just prime up plain ole’ normal skin. Hair oils will reduce split or frayed ends and eliminate itchy scalps.

The fun part? You can choose an oil according to your mood of the moment, if not for the potent essences used to treat whatever skin fallacy annoys you. Whether it be kitschy, indie cool, luxury, or basic, choices are aplenty. It’ll be hard to settle on just one, so be prepared to create a wardrobe of oils to suit your varying whims and budgets.

Here’s what’s on my vanity table this week:

For Hair: Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Hair Oil ($56) – Tendrils of Geranium, Vanilla & Ylang Ylang are laced through Coconut and Jojoba oils to saturate hair with deep shine & leave behind conditioned ends.

For Face: Olie Biologique Huile Moderne ($56) – The superb ‘serum-like’ face treatment results in anti-aging, anti-pigmentation and luminescence with Omegas 3 & 6 from Rosehip & Argan oils.

For Day: Aftelier Perfumes Pear Fir Coffee Body Oil & Hair Elixir ($40) – A trio of avant garde essences - Pear, Fir, and Coffee – blended deep within Fractionated Coconut Oil ensures essential vitamins are delivered effectively to the skin.

For Night: In Fiore Firmante Firming Leg Tonic ($90) – Cold-pressed Grapeseed & Avocado Oils infused with wildcrafted Calendula Flowers and Red Clover allows for a smooth glide across legs to bust up pockets of cellulite with vigorous massage or dry brushing

Lust after nature’s glory. Your skin will thank you for it.


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