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Detox Day 2 :: Checking In, Sharing Meals, Snacks And Tips

Here I am at Day 2 and I'm feeling pretty good so far.  I'm mostly following the Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman in conjuction with some of the protocol from the Whole Approach Candida Diet which I strictly followed for over one year about 13 years ago, as well as some other gems I've learned along the way.   Been here before so I know the drill and it's never as bad as I imagine it will be if I'm well prepared.  The only way a detox or any kind of healthy eating regimen works for me is to:

1. Plan and write down what I'm going to eat at each meal for the week ahead.

2. Shop for all the meals and snacks before I start.  Winging it each day is much harder and makes me grumpy. 

3. Never forget snacks (green apples, almonds, carrots, etc.).

4. Always fill up my glass water bottle the night before so it's ready to go the next day.  When I drink on the go without any forethought, I never drink enough.  For the first two weeks I drink cranwater

5. Write down every thing I eat, drink and do in a journal or calendar and cross off each meal, supplements and exercise so I can see what I've accomplished.  Also write down how I feel each day physically and mentally and so I can recognize and review the changes/progress on days when I'm ready to throw in the towel. 

6. Take it easy the first two weeks when it comes to exercise.  I jump on my  ReboundAir trampoline which helps stimulate my lymphatic system (essential during detox), melts brown adipose tissue (cellulite), is good for my heart and a million other things.  It's one of the best inventions ever and I don't get why it's such a big secret because it's super fun, effective and easy.

7. Drink tons of water with fresh lemon, water with 100% pure cranberry juice and herbal tea.   

8. Take aromatherapy candlelit baths 2-3 times a week.  Basically chill out and pamper while my body is adjusting and healing.  

What I'm Not Eating:

+ Sugar (limited fruit intake as well).   

+ Alcohol.

+ Dairy.

+ Soy (except tofu, occasionally).

+ Refined or processed food (i.e. flours, most stuff in a package). 

+ Gluten. 

What I Ate Yesterday:

Upon rising: 2 cups hot water with juice from 1/2 organic lemon squeezed in it.  Then BijaBody Daily Beauty Detox Tea (in my awesome tea tumbler).

1 hr after rising: Big smoothie (frozen organic blueberries, 1 cup cranwater, 1 Tablespoon flax seed oil (Barleans), UNI KEY Body Protein Powder and supplements (Black Current Seed Oil GLA-90, Multi-vitamin).  (I will be trying other smoothie recipes in the near future for variety). 

Mid-morning snack: Handful raw almonds and Guayaki Yerba Mate (and first day of no coffee in a long while).

Lunch: Salad - Organic mixed greens, chicken breast, tomatoes, avocado, green onions, chia seeds sprinkled on top (kinda like poppyseeds).  Dressing - Fresh lemon juice, Culinary Organic Argan oil, pepper.  Drink - cranwater.  Supplements.

Afternoon Snack: Organic green apple slices with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Late afternoon snack: 1-2 Tablespoons of chia seeds chased by lots more cranwater (this helps me feel full and gives me energy). 

Dinner: (went out for our 14 yr wedding anniversary) Grilled salmon, steamed asparagus (2 servings) with olive oil drizzled on top.  Drink - ice water with lemon. 

After dinner: BijaBody Nightly Beauty Detox Tea

Before bed: Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #1 and water.  (Hands down the best product I've found for this purpose.  It has been a true miracle-worker for me, my family, friends and many others - have questions, just ask!).    

For the most part I've repeated the regimen today but mixed some things up like frozen blackberries in my smoothie today instead of blueberries and toasted almond slivers on my salad today and no tomatoes.  I'll continue to mix things up even more because I know variety is essential to ward off boredom and there are so many good things I need to eat and experience.

How I Feel Today:

a. I wasn't as achy or groggy when I got up this morning.  Not completely gone by any means but better.

b. It's weird, I feel a little bloated but somehow a little lighter too.  I'll be adding my "potion" (aka Long Life Cocktail a la Fat Flush for Life) in the morning after the hot lemon water and before bed as necessary.  It's essential to keep things moving when cleansing.  Sometimes our digestive systems freak out when we change up the 'ol diet, even for the better.  LLC = cranwater and psyllium husks/seeds.  Tip: Chug it fast or it will gelatinize.

c. I'm not starving.

d. Surprisingly, I'm not experiencing any withdrawls except for a very slight, dull headache which is likely due to no caffeine consumption today.

Are you eating more healthy and/or detoxing currently? Several of you have told me you've just started juicing which is great! I think I'll incorporate juicing next week, though I like the idea of smoothie-ing better since I consume the whole fruit/veggie that way and man, it is messy.  Some of my food/nutrition gurus will hopefully help clear that up for me soon.

If you are doing anything different this month with your eating habits, I'd love to know what you're eating, drinking and how you're feeling! Good luck to you on your wellness journey...I'm off to make a another cup of tea. 

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