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Announcing :: Mom & Doc Apothecary Launches First Product, 100% Organic Skin Balm {Review}

From the maker of Zoe Organics and Dr. Michael Shannon, comes new brand Mom & Doc Apothecary. Their very first product, a healing and hydrating Organic Skin Balm, is set to launch on January 30th. We've been trying out this balm for the last month and it's a big thumbs up! We received the tins week before Christmas for a sneak preview and we've used it on everything from chapped toddler lips, dehydrated after-washing-dishes hands, husband's dry feet and a fairly decent cut on my thumb. 

Heather Hamilton, "Mom" & Co-Founder of Mom & Doc Apothecary

This new brand is the culmination of motherly intuition and herbal know-how mixed with a pediatrician's medical knowledge and hands-on experience. 

Heather's Pedriatrician and Mom & Doc Apothecary Co-Founder, Dr. Shannon,
his wife & grandkids

I've used this on my lips everyday for a month and on my hands, elbows & feet when necessary. This is a dream in a harsh winter climate, for anyone experiencing dry skin or those with skin issues.  Those of you who live where temps drop substantially, you know that skin can itch, flake and feel absolutely parched this time of year. For some reason, my lower back usually itches like crazy this time of year, but not this year.  Perhaps it's because I've been slathering a small amount of this balm on my lower back when I get out of the shower.  I'm using it on elbows and knees too. The extra bonus is that it's also healing and multi-purpose.  This is a creamy balm and will be best absorbed into damp skin though not necessary.  It's not greasy at all and seamlessly soaks into skin instantly softening it with pure botanical oils and butters. 

Apparently this works wonders on diaper rash and eczema as well though I haven't had the opportunity to try it out for those purposes since I don't have either.  Dr. Shannon will be offering this Organic Skin Balm in his pediatric office in Orange County, California to help moms deal with skin irritation and rashes that frequently develop in babies and kids, though suitable for any age.  Co-Founder Heather Hamilton has been using it as a facial moisturizer in these dry winter months. 

A couple weeks ago I was helping my husband clean his shop and something sliced into my right thumb pretty good.  No idea what it was or how it happened but it was bleeding for quite awhile.  I washed it, put a band-aid on and when I got home I put some Skin Balm.  The next day I put more Skin Balm on it.  I noticed it was healing quite rapidly.  I'm still putting the balm on it to try to reduce scarring and it looks great, barely noticable at all now.  

Mom & Doc Apothecary Skin Balm sizes 

The first version of the balm we received had a strong cocoa aroma and while I loved it, my sister didn't (she's not a big fan of chocolate, whereas I am).   Apparently Mom & Doc received similar feedback from other testers and decided to switch to a USDA certified organic deodorized cocoa butter so the chocolate smell isn't so overt.  We were sent a new version last week and the new scent is more coconut than chocolate.  It's subtle and quite pleasant. 

This balm is a new favorite and I've been using it on everything.  The small tin is the perfect size to throw in my bag and the large tin resides either on my desk or in the bathroom.  The 3.5 ounce tin retails for $28 while the .5 ounce tin sells for $8 (perfect size for my purse)!  Remember, a little goes a long way.  Also, be sure to sign up for emails on their homepage to be notified of the officially launch at the end of this month. 

Update: This works wonders on razor burn!  Instantly soothes, removes the sting and quickly reduces redness.  


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Disclosure: Mom & Doc Apothecary sent me the product above for the purpose of an honest review.  We don't review every product we are sent, just those we feel should be shared - products we actually like or love. 

Images: Mom & Doc Apothecary

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