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2012 :: The Fresh Air Project, Proactivity + Positive Change

Happy New Year!  Change is in the air and as they say it's something we can count on.  In October I decided January would be the month would take a semi-sabbatical.  I would focus on re-newing, re-organizing and re-assessing, both personally and professionally.  My body and mind was telling me to step back.  My sister named it The Fresh Air Project.  I spend a great deal of time working from home which means less time outside breathing fresh air and feeling sunshine, or as it were right now, freezing air and sideways blowing snow.  Oftentimes I'm on auto-pilot and don't even realize I need or miss it until I experience it again and I realize stepping away is so essential to my sense of wellbeing.    

There was a real sense of urgency to take some time a couple months ago at that time but sometimes stopping things abruptly is like stopping a fast moving train.  Stopping too quickly could end in disaster, so instead I slowly halted the train.  And the train moved the slowest it ever has this past week when I spent one whole week away from the internet and (mostly) from my phone.  I spent much needed time with family and friends, face to face.  I didn't realize I needed it so much until I did it.  Both the fresh air and the face to face.  The train will still move forward but at a bit of a slower pace this month. 

We're featuring interviews and guest blogs of some of my favorite healthy food bloggers, an amazingly wise certified aromatherapist as well as introducing you to some cool new supplement brands.  We'll still have some beauty posts but it will be more balanced with wellness as I believe it should be and there will be more time in between posts, tweets, FB updates and email replies.  Instead I'll be attempting to breathe more deeply, focus more precisely and eat slowly. While I take this time I decided not to accept any advertisers this month either.  I just feel better about it that way.  That'll start back up in February. 

I'm personally going to focus on cooking (or not cooking, more chopping) food at home, prepared by my hands so I know exactly what's going in my mouth.  I'll focus on eating to fuel and cleanse my body, instead of eating whatever tastes good as I have been.

"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food" - Hippocrates

I've learned that for the most part I'm an Abstainer versus a Moderator. In short, if you can have just one cookie and not eat the whole bag, you're probably a Moderator.  I'm not. I've been called an all or nothing kinda girl and that's pretty accurate.  It works out well when I'm abstaining from "bad" food, but it doesn't work out well when I'm abstaining from the good stuff.  It's what is essential during a detox and what works for me especially in the beginning to break my cravings.  Do you know which one you are? 
Changes are in the works for Fig+Sage too.  Topics will encompass more wellness related topics, and I'm really excited about that as it so perfectly blends with our content and passions.  I have a great hunger to learn more about mind/body/spirit connection and a firm belief that we all have the power to affect our health positively or negatively depending on what we shovel in our mouth and constantly dwell on.  I believe we are what we think about and what we eat.  Thus, my desire to reset and replenish this month because what I've been eating and thinking about lately have been far less than great. 

You'll also see some de-cluttering and re-organizing around these parts.  The packed content in the side columns was getting to me and now it feels like a weight has lifted and I can see more clearly now. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of clutter?  I'll be adding back some links to interviews and articles this month, but if there's something you can't find leave a comment here and we'll steer you in the right direction.   

I'm hopeful the year ahead will bring positive change, a fresh outlook and renewed health.  I know I can't sit back and wait for positive things to happen, I need to be proactive if they are going to come to fruition.  So here goes.  I'm off to trek through the snow to the grocery store and pretend I'm not craving  simple carbs and sugary treats until I actually don't crave them which will be at least a couple weeks I'm sure. 

Happy New Year!!

What things are you going to be proactive about this year?   

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