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Sale Alert :: 30% Off (Our Favorite!) Tsi-La Organic Perfumes For 5 Days Only

I'll keep it short and sweet: Some of my favorite perfumes are made by Tsi-La Organics.  Perfume is a personal thing and these aromas are my cup of tea.  My favorites are Ilang Ilang, Fiori D' Arancio and Kizes.  These are on sale for 5 more days at LovingEco.  Check out Tsi-La Organic's perfume finder to discover which one is right for you.  Come on. Do it.  It's fun. 

I wrote my first Tsi-La Organic perfume review a few years ago. Click here to read it.   

Find: Tsi-La Organic Perfume on sale at LovingEco this week.  Normally $63, score your fragrance of choice and an 8 piece sample set for $45. 

Do you have a favorite natural perfume?  Share it with us in the comments!

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