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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide {Part 1} :: Natural Hostess Gifts + Eco Entertaining Ideas

Are you still on the hunts for gifts?  I am.  I've rounded up items that I've either used personally or would like to.  These are all things that I would personally give.  I'm starting with the Kitchen because I spend a good deal of time thinking about food.  I love to eat.  I plan to share gift ideas for the Bathroom, Living Room and Guest Room as well.  I've seen so many Gift Guides for him, her, kids, etc. so I thought I'd mix it up and go by room to mix things up a bit.  And if you're looking for deep deals, free shipping and coupon codes be sure to stalk our Facebook page and tweets as we share a lot of bargains over there.  Without further ado...

Did you like this list?  If so, please let me know in the comments so it gives me some fuel to make the next one for you quickly as I know we're running out of shopping time. 

If you think I missed something that you love to use or eat in the kitchen, please share with us all in the comments as well.  I love hearing from our readers and I know other learn too when we all leave feedback/questions for each other.     

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Note: I added an asterisk at the end of the products I've used personally so you would know and could ask questions about my experience with them if you'd like to.

Image: Fig+Sage

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