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Announcing The 2011 Best In Natural Body Care Award Winners!!

Winning!!  We thought the month of love was a perfect time to let you know what body products we really, really love.  Afterall, this is what many of you ask us over and over and over.  "What's your favorite _______??"  We hear you.  We like favorite lists too.  We've put many, many products to the test and it was difficult to narrow down the huge list but after thoughtful deliberation we have come up with the best of the best.  And there's a reason we didn't announce these while we were still in 2011.  Because that's not really fair to brands or products we may have discovered at the very end.  So we let the year conclude, took a semi-sabbitical last month, and thought long and hard about which ones deserved awards. Let us know if any of your faves are on our list! 

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And the 2011 Natural Body Care Award Winners are...

Best Liquid Body Washes

Zum Body Natural Liquid Soap
Trillium Organics Botanical Body Soap
Bubble & Bee Organic Shower Gel

Best Bar Soaps

Leap Organics
Moksa Organics
Nostalgia Organics

Best Shaving Soap/Cream

Moksa Organics Bar Soap
Ursa Major Shaving Cream

Best Body Scrubs

Shea Radiance Sweet Sugar Scrub
Trillium Organics Body Polish
LuSa Citrus Sugar Scrub

Best Hand/Body Lotions

Acure Organics Body Lotion
Keys Tortuga Intensive Lotion

Best Body Butters

Moksa Organics Body Butter
By Elizabeth Dehn Shea Cream
Shea Radiance Whipped Shea Butter
Bubble & Bee Body Butta

Best Body Oils

Kimberly Perry Organics Smooth Body Oil
Suzanne Aux Baines Relaxing Massage Oil 
ila Body Oil for Vital Energy
Moksa Organics Body Oil
Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Best Healing Balms

Elemental Herbs All Good Goop
Skincando Combat Balm
Mom & Doc Apothecary Organic Skin Balm

Best Healing Sprays

KEYS RediCare Healing Spray
Blissoma Amend Antioxidant Sprayable Lotion for UV Repair

Best Insect Repellent

Brittanie's Thyme Organic Insect Repellent

Best Aromatherapy

H. Gillerman Organics

Best Perfume

Tsi-La Organic Perfume
Tallulah Jane Natural Perfume

Best Sunless Tanner

Chocolate Sun Tanning Lotion

Best Deodorants

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
Pit Potion

Did your favorites make the list?  Do you have any suggestions for our 2012 Bodycare Awards? 

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