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Soapbox :: Green Beauty Hypocrisy, Food, Health And Negativity

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I've been thinking a lot about purpose lately.  Amongst many other things, the purpose of being so wrapped up in what goes on our skin and not more, or even equally, as focused about what goes in our bodies.  Though it probably appears as though I place heavy or more importance primarily on what goes on skin, I firmly believe health has much more to do with nutrition and mindset than with personal care.   I'm often frustrated by this disconnect in the green beauty movement.  Sure, there are many who advocate both healthy eating and healthy beauty, but there are many who don't make the connection or maybe don't care.  Maybe it's easier to watch what we put on your skin than it is to police what we put in our mouth. 

Advocating health by way of personal care products and then knocking back a handful of jelly beans (it's a weakness) whilst reading the ingredients for a natural lotion and upon discovering it contains artificial fragrance and color, gasp, raise eyebrows, deem it evil - is hypocrisy - plain and simple.  Yes, I've done it so I'm including myself in this.  Or we get so wrapped up in the perils of parabens (said to disrupt hormones) but don't hesitate to drink milk, cheese or ice cream even though dairy often has very high levels of (hormone-disrupting) antibiotics.  I believe that has more of an impact on our health if we are eating it on a consistent basis.  I do believe what goes on goes in, but I also believe that what actually gets absorbed through skin and what is absorbed into our bloodstream when we consume food is much different, though both important.  It's all about the toxic burden on our bodies. 

I continue to be amazed by those who search for years to find the perfect topical product to cure their skin problems but refuse to change their diet.  The "beauty comes from within" adage is not just a catchy phrase.  You've got to eat your way to good skin.  If you've got a skin issue chances are it's because something is amiss within your body and your skin is reflecting that.  It's a warning signal.  Many health gurus says that skin is the window to the gut.  Sure, products can help but skin is a reflection of what's going on inside the body.  If you've tried everything and think the perfect product is out there to solve your skin woes you just haven't found it yet, roll past the personal care aisle and head straight to produce.  If you have limited funds and want to know whether or not you should buy healthy organic food or healthy organic beauty products, spend your hard earned dollas on healthy organic food because you'll get more bang for your buck when it comes to your health.  If you can afford both, buy healthy food and healthy personal care. 

I get irritated by the hyprocrisy and annoyed by the oft displaced focus.  I'm including myself in this, by the way.  I know getting worked up with negative energy isn't doing my own health any favors either.  This morning as I was writing this post, something in my inbox caught my eye and I clicked.  "I came down with a bad case of cranky" was the subject line.  It struck a cord.  I'm sharing it with you because I think it's so wise and important.  Even if we already know it, reminders are a good thing and it just might cause a lightbulb moment. 

Source: via Shelby on Pinterest

"Good health starts in your mind. It’s a result of every conversation you have in this lifetime. And it has everything to do with your attitude. Where’s the tension? Where's the pain? Shine a light, give it a voice, be willing to check yourself before you wreck yourself. This doesn't mean we should stuff our feelings and run through the daisies.

However, if suffering is a choice, don’t choose it. And always remember, your cells know. They have ears. They listen. Think about it.

Join the rebellion. Take care of you."

-Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Life Newsletter

Have you noticed green beauty hypocrisy or ever wondered if the massive amount of company/product/ingredient bashing in the eco movement is also having a negative impact on our health and hindering us from moving forward in a positive direction?  Curious to know your thoughts...

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