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Review: NEW Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex Skin Serum

When I interviewed Horst Rechelbacher earlier this year he told me about his new plant stem cell beauty product and I a). thought it was probably a long way from launch and b). couldn't stop singing the song "Edelweiss" from the Sound of Music (my mom's favorite movie of all time) whenever I think of it because he spoke at length about this powerful and rare flower.  Apparently it was further along in the development process than I thought because it was just launched last month and I have been lucky enough to try a bottle for the last few weeks thanks to our friends at NuboNau.  As you know I'm sure, much of anti-aging marketing is hype.  More talk and a lot less action.  But what about this product with a mouthful of a name from the plant guru himself?

10 Things To Know:

1). The light brown (with little dark specs), gel-like liquid is pretty much odorless.  This is on purpose according to Horst when we spoke back in January.  He didn't add anything in there, not even natural fragrance so as not to interfere with the potent and precise formulation.  Consistency reminds me of a thin aloe vera gel.  Note, it does contain aloe vera. 

2). You apply this under your normal skin care routine in this order: Cleanser>Stem Cell Complex> Toner/Mist>Serum> Moisturizer.   

3). You only need a small amount.  Apply to damp face.  A little is a lot. 

4). For all skin types, even blemished and sensitive skin.  This doesn't irritate my eyes, even when I accidently get a little in there when I'm massaging it over my lids.  I have been virtually blemish-free since using it. 

5). This unique blend is made in Italy by scientists who know how to extract potent antioxidants from Edelweiss, Coneflower and Pennywort plants for maximum efficiency.  The U.S. is behind the times when it comes to plant stem cell research - Italy and Switzerland have been working on this for the last decade.

6). You may very likely notice a difference the very next day like I did and wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you.  This could be due to the organic glycerin which Horst told me instantly plumbs the skin.

7). There is a chance you will want to order it in gallon size if you're 30 or order.  No, they do not make this size, but yes, you will wish they did if you are worried about wrinkles.  It's okay, you don't need the gallon size to get results. 

8). I notice the biggest difference in my crows feet, under eye and eyelid area but all of my skin is even-toned and very smooth.  Wrinkles are hands-down less visible and much more diminished.  I don't know if this has plumped them up or erased them, but I definitely noticed they are greatly reduced.   

9). Yes, I love it.  Yes, I want more of it.  They sell it in a 4-bottle pack, which is much more economical. 

10).  You'll want to try this especially if you are someone who has asked me "what is the best anti-aging product for the money that actually works?"  No, this isn't a substitute for a wonderful serum like the one I adore from Intelligent Nutrients.  You use this with a serum or a facial cream.   It's a skin booster if you will. 

The very unique thing about this Plant Stem Cell Science is that the concentrated formula is made in a state-of-the-art lab without any soil whatsoever which means there is no soil contamination which can happen even in organic crop due to water run-off and air pollution.

Once again, Horst proves he has his pulse on plant-technology and natural beauty innovation. According to Rechelbacher, "plant stem cell science is the future of agriculture".

So why does this product make me sing a song from my mother's favorite movie of all time?  Well, you see I have this plant with white flowers to blame that only grows high up in the Alps and has mighty healing, anti-aging properties, called Edelweiss

And my favorite updated version by The Honey Trees:

Buy: Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex Skin Serum $55 at   



Disclosure: NuboNau sent us the product mentioned in this post for the purpose of an honest and candid review. 

Images: Intelligent Nutrients (1), Fig+Sage (2,3)

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