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Review :: Limited Edition Neom Organic Luxury Christmas Wish Candle PLUS Exclusive Offer!

Neom Luxury Organic candles and diffusers are one of my newest favorite things.  (Queue My Favorite Things song). Supremely lovely fragrance in luxe packaging that doesn't make me feel nauseous equals awesome.  I tried the Neom Complete Bliss candle this summer and shared it here.  Since then I've had the chance to try out a few more things from the line and if smelling the aromas of the holidays won't get you in a festive mood I don't know what will.  The Limited Edition Holiday candle is so beautifully fragranced, it has been infusing my home with cinnamon, ginger, mandarin and tonka bean as of late.  Between this candle and the Michael Buble Christmas album it's getting all sorts of festive up in here. 

Neom Christmas Wish Candle in my kitchen window
The large and lovely gold glass container is completely apropos for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  It's not sweet smelling, but the mildly spicy and ultra comforting aroma is oh so holiday.  It would make a wonderful gift but I have a hunch once you see and smell it, you'll want to keep it for yourself.  But here's the thing - you can buy one for you and get a free travel size candle to gift to someone (details below).  Or vice a versa. 

A Neom Travel Candle would make great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts!

It's my understanding that the only online place in the U.S. that carries Neom Organic Luxury products is O&N Collective - Sustainable Beauty Apothecary.  Have I mentioned it's one of my newest, favorite places?!  The owner, Michelle Weatherby, is probably one of the sweetest and caring people I've encountered since stepping foot into the natural beauty realm. She is very focused on mind + body wellness and is in the process of obtaining certification in Perfect Health from the Chopra Center.  If you like to support small biz with cool people behind them who are likeminded, genuine, and smart - O&N is such a place to check out. 

The lovely Michelle Witherby, Owner of O&N Collective

O&N Collective is offering a sweet deal for our readers only:

Buy 1 Limited Edition Christmas Wish Candle and get a Travel Size candle ($21 value) free.  Just enter figandsage in the comments section of the shopping cart/check out process and your wish will be granted.  Expires November 30, 2011.

For every Neom Christmas Wish candle sold, O&N Collective will be donating 2% of sales Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This foundation is near and dear to my heart as it granted a wish for my cousin when she was 9 years old and battling leukemia.  She is a healthy 20-something today!

I'm burning the Neom Sensuous Candle right now and it's name is the perfect description.  Honestly, it's right up there with Complete Bliss for me.  I haven't tried a Neom fragrance yet that I don't adore.   


Images: 1, 2, 3 (Fig+Sage), 4 (O&N Facebook page), 5 (Neom).

Disclosure: O&N Collective sent me the products mentioned in this review for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  We don't write about everything we're sent, just those we think are worthy.

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