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Our Favorites Featured On LovingEco This Week :: Up To 70% Off on Curator Eco-Fashion And Blissoma Solutions Truly Natural Skin Care


Happy Monday!  What a compliment to be asked by LovingEco to curate their Tastemaker Picks this week!  I asked to feature two brands I know and love so you could try them out at a discount and find out why they are amongst my favorite products.  See that striped gray and black top up there?  Yeah, that's pretty much been part of my uniform the past month.  I love it.  It's originally $60 but you can snatch it up for just $24.95 while supplies last and/or until the sale ends this Sunday, 11/13.  I've also got my eye on the Pop Doyle sweater and the Charlotte Trench Dress that are marked down for a limited time.  And do you remember the purple Luna shirt that my sister wore on our Philly trip to visit Terrain (you can see it on her here)?  It's also included in the sale!

If you haven't already experienced the great things that Blissoma Solutions can do for your skin, now just might be the time to test it out and see what all the hype (for good reason) is about and why we gave them a Best In Natural Beauty Award and why my friend of 20 years isn't using anything but Blissoma Solutions now after using conventional skincare for years (read her review here).  I also asked them to include their awesome Deep Moisture Serum that I reviewed last month as well.  It's wonderfully hydrating and heating for dry skin and these colder Fall/Winter days.  

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