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Ever Tried Dandelion Root Tea? It's Surprising Delicious, Liver Loving And Great Coffee Substitute!

I'm in the process of reducing my coffee consumption.  I love the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee on cold mornings.  It just screams cozy to me.  I have my suspicions that Folger's indoctrinated us all early on with the best part of waking up bit.  But here's the thing - I start to feel reaaal crappy after I've been consuming it consistently for awhile.  I get all sorts of jittery and notice my hands start to shake in between my fingers clacking on the keyboard.  And I feel more anxious.  And instead of more energy, I feel like when I've stayed up way too late and I'm exhausted but just too wired to sleep.  Sure, there are claims that pop up every now and then about how coffee is good for me (organic coffee that is...the non-stuff is heavily sprayed with pesticides as I understand), it doesn't feel good for my body after awhile.  That's why I like to take a break from it when I feel like I should or completely abstain. 

This is how I discovered Dandelion Root tea:  It's the recommended coffee substitute, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman recommends in her book, The Fat Flush Plan.  I don't care if you're trying to slough pounds, feel better or just want a healthier body, that book helps with all of the above which is why I've read it numerous times and trust it's wise words.  Dandelion Root tea is like a weak coffee - if you use one bag, but sometimes I throw two bags in there.  There is no caffeine.  It has an earthy flavor.  A big steaming cup of it in the morning is quite nice or after meals.  And if you must have sweet, sprinkle some SteviaPlus (a healthy sweetener) in it. 

Dandelion Root tea has cool health benefits including a choleretic effect.  That means that it can stimulate bile production helping to cleanse the liver.  Since our liver is one of the things that filters gunk in our bodies  it needs a good cleaning every once in awhile.  I see detoxing my liver kinda like changing the oil filter in my car or changing out the air filter in my heater/air-conditioner.  If not cleaned out once in awhile, things don't work as well and I'm going to start noticing symptoms.  While tea certainly isn't the only way to assist in cleaning the liver, it is sure an easy and inexpensive way to help.  And I don't feel gross and jittery when I drink it which is a big plus.  Also, if I'm having trouble losing weight, it's probably time to focus on loving my liver

Have you ever heard of or tried Dandelion Root tea?  Will you try it? 

Find: or UniKey Health (Alvita brand)

Disclosure: This post was prompted, nudged or hinted from anyone or any company.  It's just something I wanted to share because I like it and thought you may too. 

Photo: Fig+Sage

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