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Loving :: Cozy Home All-Natural Aromatherapy Candle from Way Out Wax in Vermont {Review}

Crunchy footsteps, apple orchard visits, bundled up bonfires, heavy tea consumption and a couple recent scarf and sock purchases.  Man, it's getting cozy up in here!  This time of year is when I want the house to smell like I'm baking (even though I don't bake) and when I get in the mood to light an excessive amount of candles.   My body doesn't respond favorably to fake fumes so I tend to get overly excited about truly natural ones that smell amazing.  Enter the Cozy Home candle from Way Out Wax.  Love this company and their six Aromatherapy Synergies candles are my favorite. 

You can feel good about burning these without having to worry that they'll make you or your guests nauseous and/or inducing aches of the head.  These blends were created with the guidance of Certified Aromatherapists and will fill your home with the aroma of all-natural cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.  And these burn a long time.  The votives alone last a whopping 15 hours so a good value indeed.  I've also got my eye on the Frosted Glass jar and Large Round Pillar.  There are plenty of sizes for every budget ranging from $4.89 to $19.50.  I highly recommend you check them out!

Save: Through the end of October, save 15% off on the Cozy Home candle collection.  And be sure to stop by the clearance sale for their TrueOrganics line which are half off until supplies last. 

Image credit: Arcadia

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