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Review :: LOVING Naya "Samara" Sandals

When I get a new pair of shoes, I know they are going to have to stand up to a pretty significant road test. I don't buy shoes very often and when I do they are usually high quality for this reason. Of course, they also have to be super cute. I admit, I've taken the "fashion over comfort" mantra more than I'd like to admit but most of the time you have to make that choice. That was until Naya came into my life.

We've tried Naya shoes in the past and loved them, so I was sent this pair of Naya sandals right before my trip to Philadelphia in August to test them out. I planned to give them a little break-in while we were there but what ended up happening was me wearing them most of the trip. Just days after I wore them for the first time, I walked for 7 hours in those sandals on that gloriously sweltering day in Philly. SEVEN HOURS people!

Perusing the perennials at Terrain

For a little background here, my feet almost always hurt. I cannot walk half that long in many shoes without spending the rest of the day with my feet up. After we returned to our hotel after that long, sweaty day I was shocked that my feet weren't throbbing, or even aching at all. Then I wore them the next day, and the day after that, and so on. They are truly one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned (and I have a lot of the well-known comfort shoes hanging out in my closet.)

Chatting with Terrain's lead buyer in Glen Mills, PA
 Since the color (tan) and design (Samara) of these are so neutral, they go with almost every summer outfit I wear. With shorts, with rolled up ripped jeans, with a little dress, a maxi skirt...these puppies are the versatile summer staple shoe.

Headed into Juju Salon & Organics in Philadelphia

I love that Naya creates fashionable & feminine shoes that don't give up on comfort.  More than that, they make thoughtful choices about their materials and manufacturing practices which makes them one of the more well-rounded shoe brands in my book. These sandals are made of vegetable-dyed leather and lining, have a bamboo heel and recycled cork footbed. Naya is officially one of my favorite shoe brands now and I've got my eye on their Fall 2011 line...

Photo credit: Fig+Sage

Disclosure: Naya Shoes sent me these shoes for the purpose of an honest and candid review though in no way did it alter my opinion of the products. This is my personal opinion and experience. To learn about our review criteria, click here.  Organic cotton purple shirt worn in the photo provided courtesy of Curator.

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