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New Launch :: Blissoma Solutions Introduces Natural Skin Care Travel Kits For Every Skin Type

Blissoma Solutions - Natural Skin Care, one of our favorite skincare brands who is awarded in our  Natural Beauty Awards, is officially launching their brand new Travel Kits tomorrow!  This is pretty exciting because:

A). It's an opportunity to try an entire skincare regimen without investing in full sizes before you're convinced it's going to work for your skin.  Plus, the Mature/Dry Skin Kit contains Blissoma's newest product, their Restore serum which many of you have been asking us about {stay tuned for my review very soon!}

B). If you're already a Blissoma fan, you can travel with TSA-compliant sizes so you don't have to lug full sizes along or you can give a Blissoma Kit as a gift to someone you love.

Need convincing that Blissoma is worth a try?  Find out why my longtime friend is now a Blissoma convert after using conventional skincare for years or learn what my experience with Blissoma products has been.

And have I mentioned that Julie Longyear, Blissoma formulator and founder, is a really cool lady and she knows her naturals, is ultra-conscientious about ingredients and really nice too?!  It feels good to support a small brand that uses great ingredients and also has great people behind it.  And it's affordable too!  $39.95 for the Travel Kit which includes 5 products and they come in an organic cotton!.  The Oily Skincare Set will be available in October.  These two Kits can be ordered now but will start shipping next week. 


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