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Fresh Find :: Gorgeously Packaged Organic Tea From Bellocq Tea Atelier

These cooler evenings remind me that Fall is right around the corner and that always causes me to think more about hot beverages on cold mornings and evenings.  Gracing the pages of Food and Wine, 'O' the Oprah Magazine and New York Times, Bellocq Tea Atelier was named "Best High Tea" by Wallpaper magazine.  One of the four co-owners, Scott Stewart, is the brother of Karen Stewart of eco-fashion company, Stewart+Brown.

"Tea should be an affordable everyday luxury." - Heidi Johannsen Stewart, former Martha Stewart Living Editor & Bellocq co-founder

Offering full leaf organic teas in gorgeous packaging, the visionaries behind the brand bring their expertise in design and sustainability.  Read more about the founders here.

"For us, the sourcing, blending, and shipping the highest quality teas is a major goal."

Tea is wonderful for skin, body and health - inside and out, but not all teas are created equal.  Select high quality, organic teas for the most beneficial results.  And super chic packaging is icing on the cake.

Have you tried Bellocq yet?  I can't wait to!  And I think it would make quite the lovely gift, don't you?

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