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Sale + Review :: Good Society Organic Cotton Jeans Half Off For A Limited Time

I don't look forward to shopping for jeans or any pants for that matter.  I usually have to try on 40 pairs before I find one that I like. And I wouldn't dream of shopping for pants online.  Until a few weeks ago.  I know the brands that work for my hips and legs and I was content sticking to them.  That is, except for that nagging in the back of my mind that told me they are probably made by small children in factories with harsh conditions and conventional cotton treated with harsh chems.  Now I don't know if that is true, but from what I've read about how regular jeans are made, it probably wasn't that far of a stretch.  And I like to support organic agriculture as much as I can so all that to say - I was on the hunt for some organic cotton jeans that actually looked good and didn't put me back $200. 

Almost a month ago I received a shipment from Pure Citizen, the Slim jean in Charcoal from Good Society.  I've never done the skinny jean thing because my legs aren't suited for them.  I think they are cute on others, just not for me.  These Slims are as skinny jean as I will ever go.  But you know what?  I was super shocked that they actually looked good on me.  They are snug to be sure but everything just looked right.  Like the person who designed them really knew what they were doing, or rather, really knew what a women wants her jeans to look like.  And I took them with me on my trip to Philly and had the sister try them on because we have totally different body types - to see what she thought.  Yep, you guessed it.  They looked great. 

But for the most part I'm a bootcut jean kinda girl.  Dressed up, dressed down - they just work for my body type.  So when I perused through the Last Chance Sale at Pure Citizen last week, I quickly threw the Good Society Bootcut Jeans in Phinney Wash in my cart.  They are afterall 50% off and $59.50 is a steal for good quality jeans, not to mention good quality organic jeans and I pretty much live in jeans through Fall and Winter so they will get plenty of use.  And once again, the Bootcut version is a great fit, just like the Slim. They are snug where they need to be and lose where they are supposed to be. And I'm digging the contrasting stitching. Do they fit thighs, butt and hips well?  Check.  Are they the right length?  Check.  Is the wash the right color?  Check.  Are they made of high quality, thick denim?  Check.  Are they made by children? Nope. Are they made with fair trade practices?  Yep.  Do I love them??  Absolutely

Find: Good Society Organic Cotton Jeans on Sale for $59.50 {regularly $109.50}


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