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Review :: Turquoise "Breezi" Blue Nail Polish by Zoya

I almost never have nail polish on my fingernails and almost always have it on my toes. My fingernails have always felt claustrophobic with something on them. They feel like they're suffocating and I can only stand it for a day and then it comes off. I've mentioned this to other girls--they think I'm weird. It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

During our recent trip to Philadelphia, we discovered Juju Salon and Spa that we spent a lovely afternoon at. They had an amazing selection of Zoya nail polish that we drooled over and tried to pick our favorites out of. I was looking for a specific color and although I didn't find it, I did find this dusty, denim, turquoise blue called Breezi that I had to have. I decided to try it on my fingernails the night we got back to our hotel because I already had a pretty lilac color on my toes and I didn't feel like giving myself a mani + a pedi. I'm usually a VERY dark polish or VERY light pink kind of fingernail polish girl so this blue thing was out of the norm for me. We have a few more weeks before the neutral shades of Fall reign supreme, so I've got to get my fill of color in my life now.  Actually this color will carry right into Fall as well. I was pleasantly surprised and how it turned out and got many compliments while I wore it.

Speaking of wearing it, this polish stayed on my fingernails for 7 days and not once did my fingernails start to panic or hyperventilate. They were calm and collected and felt free as a bird. It must have been the lack of the three main concerning ingredients in most nail polish - formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate (DBT) and camphor that kept my nails mellow. By no means does the lack of these ingredients in a nail polish make it 100% non-toxic or natural.

Zoya ingredients: butyl acetate, propyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, isopropyl alcohol, polyester resin, camphor, steralkonium hectorite, benzo-phenone 1, titanium dioxide. May contain D&C red #6, iron oxide, ferric ammonium, ferrocyanide red #7.

Obviously I have different standards for skin care compared to nail polish and am much more lenient in this category.  This still smells much like conventional polish to me - like paint (because that's what it is), I just opted for a version that doesn't contain the three big toxic offenders.  It's sort of like choosing non-VOC paint for your house instead of standard paint.  As far as I know, there's no truly natural nail polish and if there is, please share because I highly doubt it exists and if it does, there's no way it will stay on your nails after one time of washing them. If you want to go truly au naturale, you'll go without polish.  But I can't do that, so I opt for a less-toxic option. 

There are more and more less-toxic nail polishes coming out on the scene lately, and we've tried a lot of them, but Zoya is wowing us more than most of the others. I only applied one thick coat to my nails and the coverage was more than adequate and I was amazed at how long it lasted. Maybe I'll become a fingernail polish girl after all.

Photo by S. Fingers by E.

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