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Our Lovely Summer Day At Terrain at Styer's :: Part 1

A few months back we were invited to a special all-day event at Terrain, the outdoor, garden, lifestyle brand by URBN (owns Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters).  We were very excited to attend with 12 other bloggers and were pretty shocked to learn that many of the others were heavy-hitters, very well known, big time stuff in the blog world.  And they want us to go too?!  Wow! We were so flattered to say the least.  We had been anticipating the day and what it would hold but it was better than we imagined. 

Our alarm clocks went off early and we rushed around getting ready and had room service breakfast because there was just no time to leave the room to eat.  We swapped clothes several times and asked each other a million questions in a short amount of time.  Where's the lipgloss?  Does this look stupid? Where did you put the eyeliner? Does my hair have a bump in the back? Do I look fat?  You know, the usual questions sisters slash friends ask each other when getting ready together.  We left the room and headed downstairs with a few minutes to spare.  When the elevator door opened we could see a group of women and one guy standing in a half circle and we quickly identified them as the other bloggers.  After a round of handshaking, introductions and small talk, we boarded the URBN bus and we were taken 40 minutes away where there was much less noise, buildings and horn honking. 

We arrived at Terrain, which at first looks like an upscale garden center but soon discovered it had so much more to offer.  They have a nursery filled with beautiful plants but they also have a cafe with delicious food, a "spa" (the transformed Amish barn they sell their beauty products in) and lovely decor and gifts.  We learned that the average Terrain visitor spends 2 hours there.  At first that seemed like a lot of time but now having been there, it makes perfect sense.  There is so much eye candy as well as many things to touch and sniff.  We spent 11 hours there and it was a peaceful, relaxed day filled with gorgeous things and friendly people.  It was so much fun to meet the people behind the blogs we are fans of and learn about ones we didn't know of, as well as chat it up with the inspired team behind Terrain.  We all had such a fun day together learning about Terrain, meeting their energetic staff, making terrariums, sharing meals

 and laughing.  Big thanks to Terrain for hosting such a lovely event and making it memorable and fun!

the spa
amala products

terrarium niche

beautiful packaging + lighting + displays inside the store

Images: Fig+Sage

Disclosure: Terrain paid for our travel to and from this event in Pennsylvania, including airfare, hotel and meals at the event.  As usual, this in no way changes what we write here and these are our own thoughts and observations. 

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