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My Visit :: About Face + Body ~ The Natural Beauty Store In Geneva, Illinois

I had a meeting in Illinois last week so afterwards I decided to make my way to the cute and quaint town that my grandma grew up in know as Geneva, Illinois.  I'd been there only once before, a few years back specifically to visit About Face + Body, but it closed two minutes before I pulled into the parking spot in front of the store and the lights were already out.  I was so bummed.  I got out, walked up to the window and cupped my hands around me eyes to peer in the window of the now dark natural beauty store.  I tried to identify as many brands as I could and growled under my breath in disappointment for not being able to touch and see up close, especially since I drove 45 minutes out of my way just to visit this shop. It was of course my own fault for getting a little lost on my way there.  I walked up and down Main Street a bit to see what else was around before I ended up in Starbucks with a hot tea on that cold Autumn evening.  I emailed them when I got back home via the contact address on their website to introduce myself and never heard back.  I chalked it up to the busy holiday season and kept Geneva in the back of my mind and thought if I was ever in the area again, I would definitely visit; afterall they carry many brands I love and there are no places near me where I can go touch and sniff so many truly natural beauty products in one place.

Jump ahead about three years to a little more than three months ago and out of the blue we received an email from Greg, Co-owner of About Face + Body inquiring about advertising with us and shortly thereafter their banner was placed over there in the right-hand column, under Our Sponsors.  How cool that everything came back around full circle!  Two weeks ago I had an appointment about 30 minutes from Geneva, which was a lot closer than the 2.5 hours it would take me if driving from home.  So I decided to pop in the shop unannounced and introduce myself. 

Before I even opened the front door I could smell the natural aromas wafting from the store which made me quite excited.  It was the antithesis of the headache-inducing, knock-your-socks-off aroma like when I walk past a B&BW. This was a combination of fresh, pure, natural scents that instead of making me hold my breath, it caused me to breathe more deeply and slowly.  The really cute blue building was built in the mid-1800s and has been fully restored with gorgeous original wood flooring and ornate tin ceiling.  It's a sunny and calming place that I could have spent all day in.  Oh wait, I almost did!  Well, at least more than four hours chatting it up with the owners and taking it all in, checking out the displays of brands I adore and learning about others I wasn't as familiar with.  I went back a second time last week for a few hours, with a camera to share with you what it's like to visit About Face + Body, because at this point in time, their website doesn't do their brick and mortar shop justice.  In other words, I never would have known it was such a cool place if I hadn't visited it in person.    

Inside of About Face + Body natural beauty store

I stepped in and immediately introduced myself to Greg and we began to chat it up while he gave me the grand tour.  Makeup on the left, skincare on the right.  It was difficult to know which direction to go because I wanted to check it all out at once.  It was quite exciting as I normally see all this stuff online as opposed to in person, other than the singular products we receive in the mail to test.  I started on the right and slowly moved around to each area.

Formerly talulah, now nahla skincare {my review here}

Terressentials is Michelle's {owner} current favorite skincare line 

The Argan Oil table

They import their high quality argan oil from a trusted supplier

Jiade USDA Certified Organic skincare from Canada

Natural Hair Care and About Face + Body Organic Jojoba Oil

About Face + Body Co-Owner Michelle Wlezien

Michelle is very knowledgeable, truly passionate and has gorgeous clear skin.  She began to dig deep into the world of healthy beauty when she was pregnant with her daughter over five years ago.  "I found out what was actually in many of the products I had always used on a daily basis and was so shocked..I purged everything at once and replaced them with natural products. At that time my husband had recently sold his cosmetology school and I was obsessive about finding the best products for myself.  Greg wasn't entirely convinced at first but quickly converted when he learned about all the toxic chemicals in regular products and after he experienced first-hand naturals worked so well. There wasn't any place around here where I could find natural beauty products in a store, just online and I just had a feeling this is where things were headed. So we decided to go for it, almost five years ago now. We are both a great team and the shop wouldn't be what it is without both of us."

Primitive Lipsticks + Glosses

Tsi-La Organic Perfumes

Salus Bath Bombs {Lime}

Abbey Brown soaps are all-natural & locally made in Chicago 

Bath Bombs, Loofahs, Sponges & Natural Badger Sunscreens


Looking out the front windows of the shop to Main Street

About Face + Body Natural Beauty Store Owners, Michelle and Greg

Michelle is a Licensed Esthetician and offers free in-store consultations
Recent award proudly displayed in the front window


Alima Pure BDIH certified mineral makeup

Vapour Organic Beauty cosmetics

Natural and organic cosmetic displays and sampling area

313 Main Street, Geneva, Illinois

Michelle and Greg both know their stuff and are happy to talk it up.  Greg shared with me many wonderful testimonies about the skin care lines they carry, which I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about, and how they've converted non-believers by carrying products that actually work.  An example is their best-selling Abbey Brown soaps.  They have customers come in who buy 5 and 10 at a time, those who have switched from using prescription acne medications, and have fully converted to Abbey Brown Mud Facial Soap {the only thing Greg will use on his face} or those with terrible body rashes or breakouts who swear by the Abbey Brown's Tea Tree soap bar, one of the shop top 5 best-selling products. 

The duo are also argan oil evangelists and have stories upon stories about the wonder oil that has healed many customers with a variety of skin issues like the woman who was using it as a makeup remover and her almost non-existent lashes began to suddenly grow in full and thick.  When I asked why they carry two different argan oil brands, they quickly responded, almost in unison, "no two argan oils are the same".  They said they offer different types for different purposes and most people don't realize that there are many different levels of quality when it comes to argan oil.  "We've tried most of them and we carry the two most effective argan oil we could find".  One is intensely hydrating and good for dry skin and the aroma is more subtle, while the other {their branded blend} is ideal for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis or other troubling skin issues, and has a more distinct nutty aroma.  And Michelle swears by the amazing MicrodermaMitt and says it has forever changed her dry skin, for the better.  And when you see her skin, you won't doubt her.   

The great thing about this store is that you can sample many natural brands that are mostly, available online. They're located just an hour outside Chicago so if you're anywhere in the area I highly recommend making a trip to Geneva to check out this wonderful shop! Sponsor or no sponsor, my recommendation would be the same - this shop is definitely worth visiting. They have customers who travel from surrounding states and make a day of it. There are plenty of shops and restaurant in town too so it would be a good day trip to make with girlfriends, moms or sisters. There isn't even a place downtown Chicago that I know of that carries these brands in one place, products that have been so meticulously selected, or a store that is entirely dedicated to truly natural and organic products. And let me tell you, their ingredient standards are higher than most, which of course makes me quite giddy. 

It was such a great pleasure to spend time with Greg and Michelle in their shop. They are some of the most picky {in a good way} and well-informed people I've ever met when it comes to natural beauty and ingredients. We talked for hours and hours and I have a feeling we could have chatted for many more as we have quite a bit in common.

Something to know - they have a lot more products and brands in their store than they do in their online shop and they plan to give their website a makeover in the not so distant future.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the shop, either Greg or Michelle will likely answer. 


Address: 313 Main Street, Geneva, Illinois

Phone: (630) 262-8050

All photos: Fig+Sage

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