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Sunscreenapalooza! (Day 4) :: TRUE Natural Cosmetics SPF 40 Active Sunscreen

When I was a newlywed, my (young and baby-faced) husband and I thought it would be an awesome idea to take some kayaks out on the ocean with two of our closest couple friends. The plan was to camp out on the beach for the night and head back the next day. Seems simple enough, right? It would have been...if I would have remembered that I am a hydrophobe, don't like sleeping with sand fleas jumping on me and that I needed to re-apply my (chemical) sunscreen. The day we kayaked back from our overnight excursion I was completely miserable with a sunburn that I would remember for the rest of my life. Moving my body in any way was extremely painful for days afterward. The tops of my ears were the worst. They eventually blistered, which means I got a second-degree burn. Not awesome.

Needless to say, I have never done that again.

I have obviously come along way in my carelessness towards the sun and the types of products I use on myself and my kids. Today I tested out TRUE Natural Cosmetics Active Sunscreen SPF 40 at swimming lessons. After reading reviews and doing some research, I couldn't wait to try this new product that has been on the market for only a few months. With it's claims that it is non-whitening (even though it uses only non-nano zinc oxide), I wanted to see it for myself. Also, the other list of accomplishments this sunscreen has is pretty impressive too: Broad spectrum protection, the first USDA Certified Bio-based sunscreen on the market, certified by the Natural Product Association, contains mostly organic ingredients, cruelty-free, SPF 40, biodegradable, water-resistant, and sustainable packaging. Like I said--impressive.

Here's the low-down...

straight out of the tube

Consistency: TRUE is a thick lotion that quickly melts in your hands once rubbed around a couple of times. It is the most emollient out of the ECO, Vivesana and John Masters I have reviewed for Sunscreenapalooza! and it's one you will either love or hate. It is rated as "Water Resistant" which I could see with my own eyes as I dipped my baby girl into the pool and the water beaded right off of her skin. Very nourishing and very moisturizing, but if you don't like feeling your sunscreen on your skin once you apply it, this one might not be for you. It is extremely easy to apply as it glides over the skin, no work at all to get it where you need it to go.

Fragrance: As I was applying this to my son's back he exclaimed, "It smells like lemon cake!" Now I can't think of anything else when I get a whiff of it. Citrus is the strong scent here, which is really refreshing when you're out in the heat.

completely rubbed into the skin

Inside: Read here about the ingredients in TRUE Active Sunscreen. 
Zinc Oxide (17.5%), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Beeswax*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cocoa Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Cupuacu (Theobroma Grandiflorum) Butter*, Deionized Water, Glycerin*, Jojoba Oil*, Lemon Oil*, Olive Oil*, Orange Oil*, p-Anisic Acid, Shea Butter*--*Certified Organic 

Value: Retail for TRUE Active Sunscreen is $17.99 for 3 ounces. A very competitive price considering the high quality and percentage of certified organic ingredients.

Bottom Line: As I applied TRUE Sunscreen to myself and my kids and did not see ANY whiteness EVER on our skin, I kept thinking to myself, "How is this possible??" How do they make an all-zinc sunscreen with a high SPF that goes on completely clear without using nano-particles? I've really never heard of it. How do they do it? Well, of course, we found out...

They use a process to mix and coat their zinc particles in a way that allows the zinc to be mixed more thoroughly and therefore eliminates the clumping which causes the white residue (even with nanoparticles.) Still, all of the ingredients are certified natural and the methods are deemed safe for use in cosmetics, although the process which they use is not readily available to other manufactures of sunscreens yet. We received a much more detailed explanation about their methods from TRUE, but we're keeping it simple here (after all, this section is called "Bottom Line"). It really is revolutionary.

TRUE Natural Cosmetics has really gone above and beyond in formulating an all-natural sunscreen that eliminates the nagging problem of white as well as effectively protecting from the sun, and they have done that very well. For some though, the feel of this product is going to make it or break it for them. Some, like my husband, may call this "greasy" and others may call it moisturizing or hydrating. This is a definite pool sunscreen for me (and it will be in my bag from now on), as I don't think I could handle the sticky sand factor with use at the beach. Like I've said before, the issue of preference is what it boils down to with a sunscreen choice and I love that there are so many options now to suit every preference out there. TRUE has brilliantly answered the question for those of us who have asked if we can have a safe, high performance sunscreen that won't leave us ghostly. --E

Learn :: Find out about how Lavera North America's CEO--Uli Jacobs--founded TRUE Natural Cosmetics.

Photo by Erin Lundeen

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