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Sunscreenapalooza! (Day 3) :: John Masters Organics SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Welcome back to Sunscreenapalooza! I can't wait to talk sunscreen again with you today, and to prove that I have not even bothered to remove my bathing suit before sitting down to post this review. It seems that the issue of sun protection is wrought with controversy and disagreements and there are few hotter topics right now in the arena of natural skincare than what we should do with our skin while we're in the sun. Should we leave it alone, and use moderation, letting our skin make Vitamin D naturally? Should we slather sunscreen on every exposed part of our body to avoid risk of skin cancer? Are conventional, chemical UV absorbers creating a bigger health risk than a sunburn? Is using an all-natural, mostly organic sunscreen that contains nano-particles a deal-breaker? I could go on, but I think you can all fill in your own blanks.

There are a lot of factors other than sun protection to consider with a sunscreen decision. That's why we're not just reviewing one sunscreen for you during Sunscreenapalooza!...we've got several brands that we've rounded up because we know you all have different preferences (we do!) and you like options (we do too!).

John Masters Organics Natural Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen was in our pool tote today. I chose it because I felt like it was something pretty different from the Vivesana and the ECO sunscreen I wrote about earlier. My 4-year-old son even weighed in on this review today when he said to me, "That's a really nice sunscreen, Mama!" I was surprised that he had an opinion about sunscreen at all and I asked him what he liked about it. He told me he really liked how the bottle looked. Apparently, even kids read a book by it's cover sometimes. There is definitely more to this sunscreen story than the nice glass bottle packaging so let's get right to it, shall we?

Consistency: I'm just gonna go ahead and classify this one as a very thin lotion. It comes in a glass pump bottle and it is very light. Very easy to spread around, yet a little still goes a long way. I personally think the feel of it on the skin is just right. Not too dry, but not too oily. This soaks into the skin quickly,  and it didn't take too much to lose the white haze. Since it is so light, it was very easy to apply to my kids' skin--they didn't really even notice that I was applying anything at all. Since I am comparing this one to "water-resistant" or "very water-resistant" sunscreens, it should be noted that the feel is going to be different than those that can stand up to water and sweat. This is an everyday sunscreen that would make a perfect moisturizer.

a half-pump's worth

a small amount
(rubbed in a few times)

completely rubbed in to my hand
(toddlers don't have much patience for before/after pics)

Fragrance: A very light and subtle scent; nothing obviously fruity or floral.

Value: This is definitely a luxury product that I see belonging poolside at a swanky resort more than tossed in a sandy beach tote (not to say that you couldn't do that though).  Perhaps it's the glass bottle that makes it feel like that. Not cheap, but hanging in there with the other brands that bring you a bit of sophistication along with great, natural and organic ingredients. Retail for 2 ounces is $32. 

Inside: Check out the ingredients here.  If you have sensitive skin, we'd recommend opting for one of the other sunscreens we've reviewed that doesn't contain benyl alcohol as it can be a skin irritant. Though it is the very last ingredient in the list, it could cause issues for allergenic skin. 

Bottom Line: John Masters Organics Mineral SPF 30 is a lovely everyday sunscreen for those days when you're not as active. I did get a little red on the tops of my shoulders today which is most likely because I didn't reapply since I was in the water in the morning (as with all sunscreens, you have to reapply to get maximum protection.) It is a very easy to apply lotion with a lighter texture like conventional sunscreens--not greasy at all, not dry at all.  According to John Masters, they have formulated this sunscreen with a blend of non-nanoparticle minerals to offer UVA+UVB protection from the sun. The wonderful glass pump bottle that it comes in glides down smoothly to dispense just the right amount of product. The price-point may deter some consumers, but for those who are willing to splurge a little on a quality product, I believe it would be money well-spent.  As usual, John Masters continues to produce great products for the body and this sunscreen is no exception. --E

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Photo by Erin Lundeen

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