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Sunscreenapalooza! (Day 2) :: ECO Logical Skincare Natural Mineral SPF 30+ Sunscreen

I've been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to check out this new-to-the-market sunscreen, brought to us by the makers of one of our past faves--Soleo Organics. ECO logical skincare has created a line of sunscreens to answer the demand of consumers wanting more out of their all-natural sunscreen. Today I took along the SPF 30+ Baby and the SPF 30+ Body with us to the pool today for swim lessons.

I have learned so much about the affect of sunscreen, both on our bodies and the environment during my conversations with and research about this company. ECO--like Soleo--is an Australian product, and down there, they know their sunscreen. Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer per capita in the world, so they are currently putting themselves on the cutting edge of sunscreen research to find a product that will do the job effectively and safely. (As I'm writing this, Colin Hay's "Land Down Under" is playing on the radio...and it seems very apropos.)

straight out of the tube

Both ECO sunscreens are hypo-allergenic, have broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB/UVC) protection, are very water resistant, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), and offer non-nano (all-zinc) mineral barrier without looking chalky. Here are the detes....

Consistency: I would describe this as a true lotion. It is easy to get out of the tube, but it's not a liquid. The feel is anything but greasy in your hands, and when applied to the skin it is absorbed very quickly and will leave a slight white sheen if you really lather it on (like I did today.) If you use moderate but adequate amounts, the white-ness goes away completely. The feel is silky and less emollient than Vivesana. Given the "Very water resistant" rating, I was confident using this product on my kids as they spent time in the pool today, and I was surprised that it wasn't greasier than it was in order to achieve this. ECO truly has improved the white-ness and greasy-ness that was physical barrier sunscreens just a few years ago.

half-way applied

Fragrance: Well, not much to write here. There is no fragrance in any of the products. This product is truly designed to cater to a wide-range of people, including those who cannot tolerate any fragrance in their skincare products.

Inside:  Baby + Body

Value: The founders of ECO sunscreen realized that consumers needed more affordable options for all-natural sunscreen, yet they wanted to remain true to their core and never allow any questionable ingredients in their products. I believe the price point reflects their desire to bring a completely pure yet more affordable sunscreen to the market. The retail price for the BABY is $17.49 for 3.5 oz. Retail for the BODY is $16.99 for 3.5 oz. and $24.99 for 5.3 oz.

fully applied

Bottom Line: ECO logical skincare BABY & BODY are an "Everyman's" sunscreen without sacrificing quality ingredients. The non-toxic plastic packaging is un-pretentious, yet the inside is packed with protective minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients that help repair and feed the skin. The feel of the BODY product is great for those who dislike a more emollient product as it goes on smoothly, but dry. The BABY has a slightly more oily texture (but not much) which is attributed to the extra moisturizing/nourishing ingredients they added for that sweet baby skin.

For a non-nano product, it loses the white haze quite quickly and will not sting the eyes if it finds it's way into them. It is also safe for our reefs, so surfers don't have to choose between catching an epic ride or slowly ruining our eco-system. As with most mineral sunscreens, a little goes a long way which adds to the value of the product. With a shelf life of over 2 years, these sunscreens are going to be making a lot of appearances in my beach tote for a long while. Well done, ECO Skincare! --E

Find :: Eco Logical Skincare

Learn :: Find out what Rick Sample, CEO of ECO Skincare, had to say about the FDA's new Sunscreen Guidelines here.

Photo by Erin Lundeen

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