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Sale Alert :: Limited Time Deep Discounts On EcoSkin Up To 80% Off Plus 5 Fab LBDs

Daytona Dress Was $195, Now $69

Big sale going on over on Hautelook right now on EcoSkin, an eco-friendly fashion brand that uses bamboo, tencel and organic cotton to create their sleek and chic pieces.  It's a sample sale site so of course it's first come first serve.  Here are 5 of my favorite EcoSkin Little Black Dresses: 

Eclipse Dress Was $220, Now $79
Lynx Dress Was $80, Now $34
Vilano Dress Was $195, Now $69

Rue Dress Was $212, Now $69
 Other pieces I've got my eye on include:

Polaris Top Was $76 Now $32

Carnation Dress Was $204 Now $49

Helix Solid Top Was $78 Now $30

Cottonwood Pant Was $184 Now $69

Hydra Tile Pool Top Was $78 Now $30

Note: EcoSkin sales ends on Saturday, 7/23 @ 8AM PST

Images: Hautelook

Disclosure: If you click on any of the links in this post and make a purchase we receive a referral credit.

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