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Review :: Rebel & Mercury 100% Natural Botanical Perfumes In Organic Oil Base

We've already established how I react to most synthetic aromas, yes?  So it may go without saying that I do not wear perfume of the synthetic kind.  I either go natural or go without.  When I found newly-launched Rebel & Mercury Pure Botanical Parfum I got excited because it was founded by the same creator as Gabriel's Aunt candles which I reviewed a couple years ago.  And I love their candles!  Nikki Sherritt, the woman and perfumer behind both brands knows her fragrance and she is quite the blend master.  Nikki has been making perfume under the Gabriel's Aunt label since 2002 but a few months back separated the two so her perfumes are now under a different label. Rebel & Mercury parfums are totally natural and made by hand in small batches in Seattle, Washington using essential oils, resins and organic jojoba and coconut oils. 

Now I know perfumes are very personal and your favorite may very likely differ from my favorite, but the goods news is that sample vials are available for your sniffing pleasure and R&M offers a good selection of perfumes for you to choose from beyond these three that I tried: 

Rebel & Mercury Pure Botanical Parfum "Groovy Garden"

This is my favorite of the trio and the one I wished was a full size bottle so I could keep wearing it!  I love the herbaceous aroma mixed with sweet and citrus.  I like this one for daytime, a cheery scent that reminds of a full, beautiful and fragrant garden. 

Notes: Basil, Galbanum, Clementine, Honey, Chamomile, May Chang, Hinoki, Patchouli.

Rebel & Mercury Pure Botanical Parfum "Paramour"

This is a spicy and sexy aroma with woodsy and sweet notes and it almost tied for 1st place with Groovy Garden, and in fact I'm still teetering on that.  I like to wear this at night and I've received several compliments when I hug people; and interestingly, most of those compliments were from guys.

Notes: Pink Pepper, White Grapefuit, Rose de Mai, Orange Blossom, Cocoa, Nutmeg Absolute.

Rebel & Mercuy Pure Botanical Parfum "Bouquet"

This one didn't suit my personal taste.  Floral mixed with the leather undertones was not something my nose liked. 

Notes: Yuzu, Rosewood, Violet Leaf, Carnation, Moss, Immortelle and Mushroom

+ + + + +

These perfumes are not the kind that are going to accost someone else's nostrils, as in, they are not going to overpower a room with your scent.  That's just tacky.  But I did notice that these last longer than some other natural perfumes I've tried.  They linger on the skin longer, which is quite nice.  And the first two were husband-approved.  I heard "you smell good!" and "I really like that!" whenever I'd wear the first two above, which I used until the very last drop.  I definitely recommend them and don't you just love the brand name?! 

Them: "Oooo, what is that perfume you're wearing?"

You: "Rebel and Mercury."

Yes, it smells good and sounds cool.  Win win!

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Disclosure: Rebel & Mercury sent me the products mentioned in this post for the purpose of an honest and candid review.  To learn more about our review criteria, click here.

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