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Review :: Loving Neom Organic Luxury Complete Bliss Candle + Restore Organic Room Mist

The glow of candlelight mixed with intoxicating aroma can help melt away a world of stress, at least it does that for me, but there is a world of difference between a candle scented with natural essential oils and one laced with synthetic perfumes.  That difference for me is typically experienced in the form of a massive headache.  Despite the amount of "natural" candles and aromas on the market, very, very few are actually natural.  I love wonderful aromas and a home filled with lovely scents but I usually go the unscented route due to my sensitivity to synthetic fragrance.  Even the great majority of soy candles on the market are not natural as most are loaded to the brim with synthetic aroma that usually triggers a negative response in my body. 

So I must share with you two of my new favorite things: Neom Organic Luxury candles and Room Mists!  They are seriously heaven.  I've been burning the Complete Bliss Candle and spritzing the Restore Room Mist for the past couple weeks and I'm completely addicted.  The candle burns clean, meaning no soot or smoke and the wax turns clear when it's been burning for awhile which is both lovely and efficient.  I get so annoyed when I buy a large candle and it only burns in the middle of the candle and not the wax on the outside because it doesn't last as long and just looks ugly after awhile.  All the wax is melted and used with Neom's candles, none of it stays on the sides of the container.  And the smell!  Oh my, the smell.  Perfect. The candle is ideally named because the aroma that lingers in the room its burning in smells like your favorite spa, the one that makes you feel like you are worlds away and where stress is somehow instantly lifted.  I wish I could burn this day and night and have one in every room. 

The Neom Organics Restore Room Mist is the fusion of jasmine, ginger and sandalwood and it is both intoxicating and calming.  It smells like one of those perfect sunny Southern California days when I'd have all the windows open and the perfect amount of ocean breeze would drift into our Huntington Beach bungalow carrying the scent of the plants outside in with it.  This is a lovely room or linen spray.  The fogged glass bottle has a nice spray pump top and no plastic labels, everything is printed directly onto the bottle.

To my surprise and without soliciting his opinion, my husband came home one night and said "It smells great in here" and a few days later I was burning the candle again and he said "I really like that smell.  What is it?"  I told him he has Princess taste. "What?" he said.  I told him that Princess Kate is also a fan of Neom candles and apparently she lights them up at dinner parties.  The interesting thing is, my guy is, if you can imagine, even more picky about fragrances than I am.  He can't even handle when I use a scented lotion before bed and of course it is always naturally-scented lotion.  Neom is another story - he really likes them.  Good thing because I intend on burning and spritzing them as much as possible around here!  This is the type of candle you want to burn when guests come over or when you need to hide out in the bathtub.  

More reasons to love Neom Luxury Organics

*Every NEOM product contains at least 70% certified organic ingredients. 

*All ingredients labeled "certified organic" are certified through UK's Soil Association.  

*Candles contain: 100% Natural Vegetable Wax, NO paraffin wax, Lead FREE paper/cotton blend wicks, NO Black soot, 100% Pure –All Natural Essential Oil, NO synthetic fragrance or chemicals, NO binding chemicals – candles burns evenly and in its entirety

*Room Mists contain: 95% Certified Organic Ingredients – 5% Natural Ingredients, 100% Certified Organic Rye Grain Alcohol, Spring Water, Grape seed extract, 100% Pure –All Natural Essential Oil, NO synthetic fragrance or chemicals.

Each of the Neom Organics products are made in the UK and have quite the celebrity following and have been featured in glossies such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and InStyle.  Nice endorsement indeed from Sienna Miller via InStyle but I wouldn't call Complete Bliss "spicy".  Soft, feminine, romantic & intoxicating and a light rose blend...but not spicy. 

O & N Collective, a wonderful online boutique with a carefully curated selection of some brands we really love (Moksa Organics, Tata Harper, Zoe Organics...) with a really lovely and sweet lady at the helm, just launched Neom Organics this week.  They are the first retailer in the U.S. to carry the Neom Organics line.  You won't be disappointed.  These products are wonderful and I highly recommend them.  A fabulous gift for yourself or a loved one! 

Let's be honest shall we, since we like that around here: these aren't cheap products and I know it's scary to shell out a good amount of cash online when you can't see or sniff things for yourself, so before you splurge on the large, 3-wick candle that will set you back 60 bones, why not pick up the $21 travel size and determine if you love them as much as I?  I'm burning Complete Bliss in my office right now and have no idea how you could not love it.  No idea.  But of course you must determine that for yourself since scent is such a personal preference.  

Now, I can't wait to try the Real Luxury scents next...

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Image credits: Neom Organics

Disclosure: O&N Collective sent us these products for the purpose of a review.  As always, this review reflects what we actually think about a product as opposed to what someone wants us to think about it.  Big difference. We're fans of truth around here. Want to know more about our product review criteria?  Cool, just click here.

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