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Review: Code SC Men's Pre-Shave Oil And Shaving Cream

Though geared towards men, both my husband and I have been putting these Code SC products to the test over the last several months.  I didn't give the hubs my opinion until he gave me his. He knows much more than I when it comes to men's personal care products and he's very much into the old-school ritual of shaving with a straight razor, shaving brush and bowl.  He is a licensed barber and owns an old-school barbershop that not only does cuts but hot towel straight razor shaves as well.  In other words, he knows his shaving products and how they are supposed to perform.  We both came to the same conclusion - that these two products from Code SC work really well and we liked them a lot. 

Code SC On Your Mark (Organic Pre-Shave Oil) $15

My guy politely asked me to stop using this on my legs because it was making the product disappear too fast.  So I refrained and just used it in my pits thereafter.  According to him this Organic Shaving Oil really preps the skin for shaving as it softens not only the skin but the hairs.  It helps produce a super close shave and good hydration of the skin long after the shave is over. Absolutely no razor burn when we used this.  Smells like those chalky heart shaped Valentines candies with messages on them to me.  When I told him this he replied "uh, I didn't get that at all. Just smells pleasant and mild."  Go figure.  Maybe I have sugar on the brain since I've been depriving my body of it.  Who knows. 

Code SC Get Set (Shaving Cream) $19

There is no foaming with this and hence the name it is quite creamy.  The lotion is white with a bit of irredescence so it's very easy to see it on skin - important for shaving.  It is packed with moisturizing ingredients like Organic Grape Seed Oil and skin-nourishing ones like German Chamomile, Lavender Essential Oil and Arnica Extract.  We both love the way the lemongrass aroma bursts out of the bottle and into the shower when we're using it.  It's definitely a gender neutral scent.  Love the way this produces an ultra-close shave every time. 

FindCode SC Men's Shaving Products at Bella Floria (who sent us the products to try)

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Disclosure: Bella Floria sent us these products for the purpose of a review.  As always, this review reflects what I actually think about a product as opposed to what someone wants me to think about it.  Big difference. We're fans of truth around here. Want to know more about our product review criteria?  Cool, just click here.

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