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Model Alexandra Knight Shares Her Organic Secret Skin Care Weapon {And I Agree!}

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to give away my secret... However it's too good not to share. Dr. Alkaitis treatment oil is an all over body magic skin formula. Its organic nourishment is heaven to a busy woman's face. I have religiously used this oil all over, very evening for the past two years, and due to flattering complements on my skin, it has become my stable traveling mate!  My secret is out :)"

~Alex Knight, model

I'm no model, but I wholeheartedly agree with her.  Dr. Alkaitis is also one of my secret weapons and in fact I placed an emergency order of Dr. Alkaitis' Travel Kit last week due to my facial skin deciding to freak out.  Just as I knew it would, Dr. Alkaitis' Nourishing Treatment Oil calmed my skin right down, took away redness and made blemishes disappear all while thoroughly hydrating it. If you have not yet tried this product and you have skin issues, there are no ifs, ands or buts about it - you must get your hands on a bottle stat.  Yes, it will set you back a whopping eighty bucks but the full size is sure to last you at least 5-6 months if you use it just on your face & neck.  If you've never tried the line, opt for the Travel Kit so you get to experience a little of everything and that little bottle o' oil in the kit will last you about 3 weeks, which is definitely enough time to see a difference.  You should actually notice a difference within just a day or two. 

Have you tried Dr. Alkaitis??  What has your experience been?

Find: or (who sent some to me asap last week) 

Read: My interview with Dr. Alkaitis and more product reviews

Photo: Dr. Alkaitis FB page

Disclosure: Spirit Beauty Lounge sent me the products mentioned in this post not for the purpose of a review but because they knew I was having a skin crisis and they are nice peeps.

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