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Just Launched :: New Moksa Organics Kilamanjaro Body Bar + Body Butter - If You Love Chocolate You Will Love This!

Are you kidding me with this?!?  In a good way of course.  You know how much I raved on and on about how much I looove Moksa's products at the beginning of the year and that their Body Butter is still at the tip top of my faves list, don't you?  Well they've just launched their newest product, Kilimanjaro Body Bar and Body Butter and my nose and skin are huge fans.  One twist of the body butter lid and I was breathing in the middle of an exquisite truffle - no, not the stinky kind, the chocolate kind.  Just a couple weeks ago I parted with my beloved half-full Moksa Ylang Ylang Body Butter to send to my pregnant cousin because she said her growing belly was getting itchy and I knew what needed to be done so I sent her my favorite butta.  Soon thereafter she told me she also loooves it.  Not surprised. Yes, Moksa requires a lot of "o's" in "love".  Shortly thereafter I received this new duo and once again, I'm truly impressed. 

The soap is one big brown brick of organic goodness and it suds a ton and creates a foamy barrier on skin which is perfect for shaving and of course it totally rinses away clean.  It has the same smell as the butter but more of a subtle scent.  The butter is still the consistency of cake frosting which I love and makes a great sound when I scoop it out of its brown glass jar.  If you have dry skin, get thee to some Moksa Butter stat.  Seriously.  Do it. 

If you love chocolate, you will love this new scent.  It will make you feel like you're in a chocolate shop or better yet, that you are rubbing the inside of a truffle all over your body and you may be tempted to eat a little, but I wouldn't recommend.  While the ingredients are very clean and totally edible it's not going to taste like a chocolate truffle, it just smells like one.  What's more is that these products are totally affordable at $6.50 for the soap bar and $16 for the body butter.  And Moksa Organics is doing great things too like their newly launched site dedicated to the International Fund For Animal Welfare, they're carbon neutral and they're a Trees For The Future partner.  And just last month Moksa received an award from The Sierra Club.  Great company, awesome products - we're big fans. 

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