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Fresh Find :: White Organic Cotton Bedding With Black Stripes Plus How To Make Your Bed

Nick Olsen via House Beautiful via AB Chao
Does this happen to you too?  I'm flipping through a magazine or a home interior design blog and I wonder "where can I get the eco-friendly version of this?"  Do you do this?  When I spotted these linens courtesy of one of my favorite design blogs that is riddled with sarcasm and humor I can relate to, and then saw this organic cotton bedding for 60% off over at Vivaterra yesterday, I knew I had to share. 

Art Nouveau Organic Cotton Sheets on Sale

The big difference I notice is that the bedding in the first photo has three black stripes and this organic version has two.  And I'm sure Nick Olsen has a 1000 thread count minimum allowance whereas mine is 300 (what these sheets are).  Other than that, they look pretty close to me!

Find: Organic Cotton Sheets on sale at Vivaterra

Read: One of my recent favorite blog posts, Dewit: Make Your Bed Correctly, reminds me of my mother teaching me how to properly make my bed.  Good stuff.

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