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Fresh Find :: Handmade Clutch Cravings With Vintage Details From k.slademade

I discovered the handmade deliciousness that is k.slademade a few days ago via Natalie Jost of Olive Manna and I've been drooling over the site ever since.  I'm loving the Randy Vintage foldover clutch in Blue Sky. It's made with vintage leather corners and it is totally speaking my language.  And if Natalie says they are well made then I believe her.  If there is something I've learned it is that eco-friendly also means durable, long lasting and quality construction so as not to have to discard poorly made goods often and rebuy over and over.  I'm also fawning over the striped versions - so great for this weekend, no?

Striped Sailing Clutch $35

And sidenote, where can I find that color nail polish, preferable in a 3-free variety that doesn't chip off the second I apply it? 

Find: k.slademade

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